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The Secret to Weight Loss Without Cardio

Hours and hours of cardio are usually combined with diet in order to lose weight and gain the body fat you want.

But there are easier ways to lose weight than to spend a lot of your time each week doing cardio and dieting. By focusing on the two secrets of exercise below, you will create a healthy and healthy body that you can maintain over time.

1. Exercises should include high volume and short rest periods.

If your main goal is to lose weight, then you want to work to increase your metabolic rate (RMR). This is the amount of calories your body burns during rest. Your RMR is made up of most of your daily calorie burn. If you can increase lean muscle mass through weight lifting, then you can increase the amount of calories you burn in rest.

If you want to increase lean muscle mass, focus your weight on multi-joint exercises such as bench presses, pullups, squats and deadlifts.

Plus burn your fat by keeping your rest period between sets at 60 seconds or less and your rep between 8 and 12 reps per set. This increases the lactic acid in your body which leads to the release of growth hormone. The release of growth hormones will help build lean muscle mass and burn fat.

Mix them occasionally and use 3-6 reps sets for strength building or use 13-20 reps for higher metabolic expenses. Control your lifting time with a 3-6 second drop (central phase) and blast lifter (eccentric phenomenon).

2. Use a sprint session to lose weight quickly.

Sprinting builds up lactic acid in the body in the same way as weight lifting with short breaks. Lactic acid builds come from maximum muscle application during exercise. It builds up lactic acid which leads to the release of growth hormones, which helps burn fat. Growth hormones are lipolytic, meaning they increase fat and metabolism of glucose and amino acids.

Sprinting also builds lean muscle through this effort. The key is to train or approach your maximal effort (max 80-90% max) for the best fat results. Start with 1 to 4 workouts for rest and slowly build 1 to 1 work breaks. For example, do twelve: 15 second sprints with 1:00 between sprints for a 15-minute workout.

Avoid traditional aerobic cardio. Aerobic cardio actually makes your body use the least amount of energy to produce the most amount of work. Check out any world class racers. They are well built and lean. On the contrary, runners are thin, without much muscle mass. You will see much better weight loss results from a 20 minute workout each week than you would from a three-hour jogging or biking session.

Both of these secrets will take your weight to the next level quickly. In fact, I've seen people lose a lot of weight just by incorporating a short break between sets into their weight training.

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