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Why an Effective Fat Loss Program Requires Both Exercise and Diet Plan

Do you know the leading cause of obesity?

Poor metabolism and eating a snack is responsible for obesity. However, it is often believed that high-intensity distance training is a surefire way to lose belly fat.

What are the basic principles for fat loss?

An effective fat loss program means planning to create a calorie deficit. Calorie deficit means your body burns more calories than what you eat every day. If you plan to lose two pounds per week, you should create a daily calorie deficit of 1,000 calories as 2 pounds of fat is 7,000 calories.

Is it possible to reduce the 1000 calorie deficit daily?

You need a simple cardio for about two hours. This means you need 2 hours of cardio to lose 8 pounds a month.

Why can't exercise alone help you in reducing belly fat?

If you take the Big Mac, the big fries and the big drinks, you will be consuming over 1400 calories. This means that you have to do at least 3 hours of work and it is almost impossible in most cases. So you have an idea of ​​how bad your eating habits can affect your weight loss program.

What's the best strategy?

You need to do simple exercises. You need to follow the diet plan. An effective diet plan should boost your metabolic rate as it is the key to losing fat fast. You can increase your metabolism by eating 5 times a day and using the appropriate calorie transition process.

Why losing fat is so complicated

Several factors involve the process of fat loss. It depends on the type of food you eat, your diet, your metabolism and your type of exercise.


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