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Weight Loss Tea - Can You Drink Yourself Skinny?

There is a lot of buzz about losing weight around the world - The Big Thing Next in the diet — and many are wondering if losing weight can really be as easy and cheap as Lipton. If this is the case, don't we see more clear evidence of this scientific miracle at work in a tea-drinking country like England?

Well, not exactly.

The truth is that weight tea, the way it is marketed, does not exist. Just ask English. If tearing a scone with cream and afternoon tea, then weight should be the last thing you expect.

Again, reality dominates the situation. There is no magic pill, or powder, for healthy weight loss.

There are several types of tea that you can drink as part of your weight loss plan that will help you maintain your goals and weight loss.

But again, they are not the solution for weight loss tea.

The most famous weight loss tea products are those certified by Oprah and Rachel Ray - Wulong tea. Now, that's not a brand. That's the name of a particular Chinese tea.

Oolong tea is caffeine, and contains something called polyphenols. It is believed to help activate the enzymes in your body that break down fat. However, this has not been proven by the FDA, and no hard data can substantiate or disprove this theory.

Another popular tea, which has reached critical mass and is now available in cans, bottles and even ice cream flavors, is green tea. Again, there is no green tea maker - just what tea leaves are called because they are processed.

Thermogenesis, which is a fancy scientific term for heating the body and boosting its metabolism, can be done by, for example, chills. That's why you're shivering. Your body is trying to generate heat.

What does it have to do with green tea? Well, studies have shown that caffeine green tea can increase thermogenesis, reduce swelling, by up to 50 percent.

That's a huge leap, which is why weight loss products do so much more than include green tea in their ingredient list.

Herbal weight loss methods tend to include caffeine green tea with Ephedra - which, while it may cause weight loss, has a good chance of damaging your body.

You may have heard about Ephedra's scary occurrences for some time that led to many diets being taken off the market. It has been proven to increase your heart rate and blood pressure to a dangerous level.

But achieving the weight of your goals is as valuable as the risk?

Adding Oolong or green tea to your diet plan is not a bad thing. First of all, this helps you drink more water — always at the top of any to-do list — and, a good cup of tea after a healthy meal will help you digest your food better, as well as boost your metabolism.

Science has yet to provide the evidence needed to enable the FDA to use tea weight loss labels. Until that day, tea should be seen in addition to the existing weight loss plan which includes healthy eating and lots of exercise.



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