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Health Food Tips From 3 European Nations - Secrets of Norway, Sweden, and Ireland

This article will provide 3 interesting tips with the foods and secrets behind them to provide treatment for our daily problems with health. In fact, these health food secrets come from 3 European countries, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland.

Eliminate hiccups in the Norwegian way of using ice. In Norway, they eliminate hiccups by rubbing ice on their Adam apples for a few minutes. This is proven to work because cold from the ice acts on the reflex arcs of our brains to disrupt hiccups.

You can also get this tip from Sweden: eat blueberries to stop diarrhea and loose bowel movements. Swedish people believe that blueberries have antibacterial properties against microbes. This was confirmed when blueberries were found rich in anthocyanosides. These substances are naturally occurring compounds in berries that can kill the bacteria responsible for diarrhea. Blueberries are very common in rural Sweden and these berries have become a part of Swedish home remedies for diarrhea. Try half a cup of dried blueberries with a helpful anti-diarrhea and you will be released soon.

Moving south, you can also follow the Irish way of using honey instead of sugar. This is one of the reasons why Ireland has a very low rate of diabetes. They replace sugar with honey in all their dishes and flavors. Honey is digested a little longer than sugar and this allows the pancreas to produce less insulin in the process. Therefore, it stabilizes your insulin levels and minimizes your risk of developing diabetes in the future.


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