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Previcox Medication for Dogs

Previcox for dogs is a powerful drug, non-steroid and anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug. Strong and effective drugs in dogs

suffering from arthritis. This medicine is safe and can be used for pain and inflammation related to osteoarthritis in dogs. Its main ingredient is Firocoxib, which is a COX-2 inhibitor that works by blocking the COX enzyme in the dog's body. The ingredients will reduce the swelling and your dog will be relieved of the pain as well.


As dogs get older, they are exposed to joint pain that is usually caused by arthritis. As they age, the problem becomes more serious and you need to follow a routine that will reduce pain along with reducing inflammation. Previcox by Merial is a remedy for old dogs suffering from joint pain and arthritis, following treatment your dog will have relief from pain and relieve swelling of the joints as well.

Firocoxib- herb work

The main ingredient in this Previcox drug is to block the enzyme in the dog's body called the COX enzyme. Previcox formulation is very effective in pain due to osteoarthritis in dogs. By blocking the COX enzyme, excess fatty acid production is called prostaglandins that eventually lead to pain and swelling. Your dog needs this medication, to live an active and happy life of normal age.

Previcox - medicine

Since Previcox for dogs is a drug, you must make sure you consult your doctor before using this medicine with your pet. This medicine is recommended for use in veterinary supervision. You can administer medication regularly to your dog as prescribed by your doctor. Also, you must be careful with medications, your dog needs the right diet plan and proper exercise that will help him to recover from pain and swelling more quickly and effectively. Your dog will relieve pain and inflammation as soon as you start the right medication along with the right care. You can also consult a doctor for the supplements and nutrition your dog needs at that age.

Previcox-chewable tablets

Previcox is a chewable tablet that your dog will definitely come in, you can give this medication either with a meal or without eating. These medications can be given once a day, but also consult your doctor's advice on developing a treatment plan for arthritis pain. A chewable tablet is in the sense that your dog will love it and you will be prevented from the pain your pet gives him before taking the medicine. You should consult your veterinarian for any discomfort due to pain and swelling in the arthritis joints.

Previcox availability-

Bottle of medicine is available in two quantities. One contains 30 chewable tablets and 60 more. They are also available in two dose options - 57mg and 227mg. The nature of your dog's pain and needs will be determined by your doctor. These medicines can be included in the treatment plan by an expanding veterinarian exclusively to relieve arthritis pain.


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