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The Benefits of an Omega3 Pill

Let's face it. The benefits you will get from supplementing your diet with omega3 pills are almost beyond comprehension. These fatty acids have positive effects on many areas, including brain function, cardiovascular health, immune system and cancer, visual function, arthritis and gout, allergies and asthma, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease. If you have it, it looks like a fish oil supplement can treat it.

One of the key factors is omega fatty acids, and especially DHA plays a role in cognitive development. The main stage of this development comes in the third trimester of pregnancy, and currently, supplements with fish oil capsules can be the most beneficial. The mother's blood DHA level should be optimized for her pregnancy, if the baby is to develop fully.

It has been shown that a mother supplementing her diet with omega3 pills can increase her child IQ 6% to 10% higher than those of mothers who do not take fish oil supplements. These children will be two months ahead of their peers at 6 months, and will achieve higher scores on intelligence tests, problem solving, and thinking.

Omega fatty acids also have an effect on visual function, and adding essential nutrients during pregnancy will help your child develop superior hand and eye coordination. Infants born with high DHA concentrations in their central cord blood also have higher retinal sensitivity than their peers with low DHA measurements.

Supplements with omega3 pills can also greatly benefit your cardiovascular health. it was noted in the Greenland Eskimo study in the '70s that even with a very high fat diet there were no signs among people of any form of cardiovascular disease. The reason is that the cause is related to the fact that EPA lowers bad cholesterol, and improves blood circulation by developing carotid arteries.

In various studies, supplementing your diet with omega3 pills reduced your risk of death, cardiovascular death, and sudden cardiac death by 20%, 30% and 45%. Supplements with fish oil will also help improve the immune system, and help prevent the development of mental illness such as Alzheimer's disease.

While many consider the best source of omega fatty acids to be fish, pollutants in water have made eating fish a lot of risky practices. Manufacturers of omega fatty acids supplement use molecular distillation process to lower the toxins in fish oil to a measurable level. You never know how much mercury, lead, and PCB your fish will have.

Don't make a mistake about it. The popularity of omega3 pills is increasing every day as more and more people realize the rich benefits of consuming this oil can give you. You cannot deny the studies done on fatty acids that have proven to be effective in treating so many things. Omega-3 fatty acids are something your body needs.


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