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Ionized Alkaline Water - The Most Effective Gout Pain Remedy

When you have gout pain for the first time, you don't know what it is until a doctor verifies it with a blood test that shows your blood vessels are at a healthy level. For starters, doctors usually prescribe some mild painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to relieve painful gout pain.

In addition to pills, doctors usually advise gout patients to watch their diet and drink more water. That's it! That's the gouty advice that millions of gout patients hear, again and again. Many of them take gout pills as directed, trying their best to reduce high purine consumption, they drink a bottle of water a day, but they are still tormented by terrible gout pain from time to time.

It's sad. They even used hi-tech gout medicine that Big Pharmas spent millions to develop failing to treat gout pain. Are more effective gout painkillers available? Yes! And the answer is ... Water! But not any type of water, it must be Ionized Alkaline Water.

Ionized Alkaline Water? Another Water Scam?

Ionized Alkaline Water is produced through a process known as Dynamic Electrolysis. Clean ordinary tap water is passed between 2 electrodes with opposing polarity. The positive electrode pulls the acidic mineral in the water towards it. Instead, the electrode is negatively charged to absorb the alkaline minerals around it. Thus, the water is separated into alkaline and acidic water.

Dynamic Electrolysis converts mineral molecules in water to electrostatically charged ions. The term "ionized" is used to distinguish alkaline water produced by electrolysis and the usual alkaline solution produced by the addition of alkali chemical compounds in the laboratory.

It's not Magic Pills

So, how does alkaline ionized water serve as a cure for gout pain? In fact, it should not be taken as a drug that can relieve your gout pain immediately. It's the most effective way to change gout, but not the fastest way to get rid of your gout. It may take some time for ionized alkaline water to recover your balance body pH.

You should know that gout is a direct result of having too much uric acid in the body. It is the resulting uric acid particles that trigger a gout flare on your feet. Here's the science of reversal: Healthy levels of uric acid do not make room for crystalline formulation of uric acid, and when there are zero crystals of uric acid, it is impossible to attack every gout.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to remove excess uric acid in the body simply by drinking a gallon of regular drinking water, as the pH is neutral. The most effective way to get rid of uric acid from your body is first neutralize acidity and then remove them through the urine and sweat. In fact, the main antidote to your gout problem is hidden in high school chemistry.

The only thing that can neutralize acids is ... Alkaline!


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