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Identifying the Causes of Hair Loss

Many people today suffer from poor hair condition. We have been expecting natural hair loss to come with age, but as we have seen more and more, baldness does not take into account age or gender. Both men and women suffer from hair loss, and this can be more problematic at a young age than you might expect. We all lose hair every day, but when hair loss exceeds the rate of new hair growth, thinning occurs.

You hear a lot of myths about why people lose their hair like wearing a ball hat regularly or pulling their hair tightly on a horse's tail. However, nutrition is most likely the cause of the hair loss, or lack thereof. Insufficient nutrition can lead to folic acid deficiency which is a common factor in people with baldness. Age and genetics play a role, as well as hormone changes. This can also be helped with the right diet.

Women's barriers are also increasing. It is no wonder that in today's modern diet our nutrition is suffering. Insufficient protein and iron can cause hair thinning. This important nutrient deficiency comes not only from diet, but also from eating disorders. Birth control pills can also cause hair loss, as well as many other medicines used to treat depression, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Thyroid conditions can also cause problems and should be checked by your doctor if you suspect it. Loss of hair in clumps and spots can be a sign of a thyroid disorder.

Male baldness is usually more expected than in women's cases, but it is also more common than in previous years. Men's hair treatment is not always suitable for use now more demand by male population such as coloring, color, bleach and even permanent. This alone can cause damage to the hair and scalp causing hair loss. Hormone imbalance can also occur in men. Excess products of testosterone can explain many of the thinner crowns we see.

Not specific to any gender or age, scalp infections can also be listed as one of the many causes of hair loss. With this complaint the hair can usually regenerate after infection.


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