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A Few Digestive Disorders To Watch Out For

Among the most common digestive disorders are heartburn, lactose intolerance and constipation. Some of these disorders are not major problems and can be treated at home with natural remedies, while others are very serious. If you have a problem and are skeptical, make sure you consult your doctor about your symptoms.


The clinical definition of constipation is when a person has bowel movements less than three times a week. It is also characterized by hard stools that are difficult to pass. It is not a true disease but often a symptom of an unhealthy diet. Constipation is a very common disorder and it regularly causes more than four million Americans a year.


Diarrhea is the opposite of constipation. It is when a person has three or more fluid bowel movements a day. It's dangerous because it can cause dehydration. It is the leading cause of infant death in the developing world, so it should be taken seriously. There are several factors that can cause it. These factors include bacterial infections, mal-digestion, or inflammatory bowel disease.


Heartburn is a burning sensation that is felt in the throat or upper chest. It is caused when the acid is destroyed. It can be due to diet, lifestyle or some other factor. Often it can be triggered by eating certain foods or eating too much at a time. Another thing that can trigger it is to lie down after eating.


Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the rectum. They are very common and can be caused by several factors. Genetics play a role in their development and this is out of control. Diet and exercise also play a role in their development. The best way to deal with this is to eat high fiber foods to ensure regular bowel movements with minimal emphasis.

Lactose intolerance

This is due to the inability to digest milk sugar called lactose. People with this condition often experience bloating, cramps, gas, and diarrhea after drinking milk. The solution is to take lactose free milk or take lactase-containing pills, which allow you to digest lactose. It is a very common condition that affects more than thirty million Americans.


Ulceration is a wound or open wound in your stomach. They can be painful and even deadly. The doctor originally thought the ulcer was caused by pressure or spicy food. But nowadays, they believe that most ulcers are caused by bacteria. Sometimes surgery is required to repair the ulcer and then a drug is given to eliminate the bacteria that may cause the ulcer.


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