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Best and Effective Exercises for Lower Abs

Almost all of us want to have flat, nice and warm abs. But abs can be one of the hardest parts of our body to lose or lose weight. Abs is a set of muscles consisting of the lower, upper, and oblique muscles. These muscle sets work together to facilitate flexibility and movement between the lower body and lower body.

Low abs are the hardest to reduce and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Exercising regularly and knowing the best abs exercises is the key to getting rid of that stomach and getting hot abs. Listed below are some exercises you can include in your daily routine for your low abs training:

  • Double Leg Circle - Lie behind you and put your hands under your back. Lift both feet a few inches off the floor while tying your lower abs. Rotate both legs in a circle that rotates clockwise. Then lower your feet on the floor and rest for a few seconds. Then repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. You can increase the number of turns as you get stronger.

  • Scissors - Lie on your back with your hands under your butt. Tighten your leg muscles, contract your abdominal muscles and lift both your legs so they are two feet off the floor. So, both feet cross, get your right foot on your left foot without bending your knees. Then open your feet and close them again, reversing their position. Keeping your lower abs contracted, Continue repeating this scissors 8-10 times for beginners. Increase repetition by 15-20 times as you get stronger.

  • Double Leg Lifts - Lie on your back and put your hands under your back but your palms face to the floor. Contrast your abdominal muscles and tighten your leg muscles, then lift them upright and hold them for a few seconds. Drop them so they are a few inches off the floor and hold on for a while. For starters you can repeat 5-8 times, then increase it to 15-20 times when you feel your abs are getting stronger. Then when you get stronger, you can lift your head and shoulders during a two-leg lift.

  • Moving Legs - You must lie on your back and get your hands under your back. Take a deep breath. Contrast your abdominal muscles and lift your right leg slowly up to 90 degrees from your body. Then in the same phase, lower your right foot so that it is a few inches above the floor while at the same time raising your left foot. Continue doing this repetition 8-10 times for starters and increase it 15-20 times as your abdominal muscles become stronger. And for a stronger one, you can lift your head and shoulders during this exercise.

This exercise must be done slowly. The momentum will start if you do it too fast and the training becomes ineffective. All these low abs exercises require you to put your hands under your back. This is very important to do to prevent back pain.


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