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Eat More (Good Stuff) And Lose Fat Fast

Are you disappointed by the fact that you don't eat too much but still can't lose fat?

Do you keep accurate measurements of how much you eat and the energy you use in your training? Yeah, and the numbers just don't add up because according to your number, you have to lose fat fast?

If you don't eat too much and you get regular exercise, the answer to your lack of fat is not how much you eat, but what you eat.

The wrong type of food does horrible things to your body, both in terms of sugar and fat storage and to slow down your metabolism so that you don't burn the fat you do with a good diet.

Is it good food? Even the most complete, unprocessed food diet is a go. You must have plenty of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and some fat (twice as much unsaturated fat). You need to eat fat, not much to do with the good food you should eat.

I guess what you eat, even in small quantities, is a lot of saturated fat (think fried, meat or butter) and simple carbohydrates with an emphasis on sugar (think cake, sweet or chocolate drink, both sweet and fatty) .

All fats have more than twice the calories of protein and carbohydrates. This means that the small volatile fats that are consumed on a daily basis will do a lot of damage to your efforts.

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate. It routinely has very quiet features in small print on the backs of food labels and beverages that scream "Low Fat" or "Fat". If you take enough sugar, it really turns into fat and you are exactly where you don't want to be.

If you want to burn fat and improve your metabolism, you need to limit your intake of fat and sugar daily. If not, however little calories you take, your fat deposit will be high for you.

There is no road around it. If you do not eat too much for your height, age, gender and somatotype (body shape), then you need to look at what foods you eat to get the solution.

Be as informative as you can. There's no magic way to lose fat fast. You need to read widely and experiment with your diet and exercise program until you have a balance that works for you. The only way that will happen is for you to find the knowledge you need and then use it to your advantage.


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