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How to Be Powerful in Mind, Body and Soul

True power comes from the continuity and connection between mind, body and soul, which creates an inner power that allows you to feel, know and live your purpose and express and share your essence with certainty, clarity and love. Working in dance and healing through the emotions of the body, I explore ways to connect the mind, body and soul through the creative visualization of the Ideal Body and how it can affect the changes in your body.

The nature of the human body and soul is to work with the concepts and beliefs of your body and being. We live by the concept of our body (or mental structure) and our belief in our body (or emotional structure). You can affect the actual changes in your body by visualizing and meditating with your Ideal Body. The Ideal Body is the construction I use in meditation and dance therapy. It is a combination of your mental image that is charged with the emotional trust that empowers you. Using the emotionally charged image of your Ideal Body is how I access your soul power and your essence that exerts, energizes and influences all of your life choices and experiences.

The concept of Body Ideal with the power of visualization, movement meditation and guided imagery as well as fantasy, overflow and optimistic thinking, works to move you beyond the limits of what you think and what you see in the mirror.

Playing with and depicting your Ideal Body is a way to hear your true body, to understand your body from a place of feeling and to allow your feelings, desires and dreams to be expressed. You are not just a physical body. Your body and being are created by your life experiences (parenting, environment, socialization, education, spiritual beliefs and relationships) and your soul experience. The soul has both positive and negative memories. What you feel as a limitation in your life or body, can actually come from your soul. As we play with the concept of the Ideal Body we move beyond both body, mind and emotion and even beyond the limits of your soul.

The Ideal Body is where your emotions, your body and your physical mind work together to access your true selves, your inner strengths, your allergies and your message from your soul about how you really are meant to be. When you connect with who you really are, who you are from the level of your soul, you are empowered by the clarity that allows your body, mind and emotions to function synergistically.

Your emotions are the key to what has created your physical body. The point is not to see emotions as you are, but only the aspect of who you are, who is open to change and will change every day, from time to time. Emotions need to be felt and move through the body. That's why you feel different after a good cry.

The body you have is neither good nor bad - it is what you have - right now. Your Ideal Body is one that allows your emotions to move as you move beyond the limits of time and conditioning, allowing your self-expression to flow out of you in a way that does not endanger yourself or others. You can still offend or confuse people, but that doesn't hurt them!

Emotions that get in the bottle are stored like toxins in your body. They accumulate fat cells, gain deposits in trigger points and meridians that create painful muscles, swollen glands, poor digestion, extra weight, bloated or sudden obsessive thoughts and inability to focus, do things or simply become own self. You may also lose your vitality, libido, appetite and lose weight or suffer from mental health problems from withdrawing from the life you are meant to live, simply because you cannot feel who you are at your level, emotion or even your soul.

Movement helps the body to move stored energy and stored emotions. Dance is a movement with emotional intention. You need to feel the movement to flow with the dance. Dancing is like running an emotional muscle. When you dance you practice what you want to feel and you can release the feeling of being bottled up or just unspoken.

When you dance or meditate or practice body awareness, ask yourself what you feel good about or what you feel bad about. Just ask your body to show you what needs more attention or what to feel, allowing your emotions to emerge and begin to be released and expressed. When you dance or meditate with this question, write down your feelings and you will have another great way to understand, express, and let go.

Sometimes you may get a physical release without transferring any deep emotions. To get more chronic or problematic emotions, work with INTENT in your dance to access your true self. This type of dance is a form of "authentic movement", in which you encourage the body to move without thinking about how you dance. You can only use ideas and intentions to access your true selves in any form of movement and your body will automatically flow as you wish. Letting go of any expectations of what should be, looks and feels and indeed allows your body to explore.

Letting go of your emotions in a healthy way acknowledges that there is no wrong way to feel yourself or to admit your emotions. Your emotions will change every day and change your life. Dancing can be fun and just for laughs and releases and sometimes dancing can access the emotional or negative feelings that need to be understood. Just because you are moving, you have the option of allowing your emotional body to move as well, which is the pleasure that powers your mind, body and soul to become and synergistic in one.

Dance is an external expression of the inner beat. Both elements of inner feelings and external movements are always present in dialogue. Indoor and outdoor dialogues are a way of dancing as a mirror to what is really going on in your body, your feelings and your life. Empowerment for you will come as you connect this dialogue between your Ideal Body and your emotions and gain access to what you really want to be and how you feel, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


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