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Does High Blood Pressure Own Your Life?

Does high blood pressure really bother you? Is it the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last worry when you sleep? Are you really afraid of the potential health risks of congestive heart failure, stroke, kidney disease or blindness? If this was you, if your blood pressure was running your life, what would you do to change it? What are you doing to take responsibility for your own health?

It estimates that more than 50 million Americans have hypertension or hypertension and one-third of them do not. Even more impressive was the 33 million who were diagnosed with 11 million who did nothing to control it. Did you or did you go the drug route?

BP drugs are designed to control or manage stress that is not designed to "cure" the condition. For most people, it requires an active lifestyle change for the drug to do as advertised. If such changes do not occur, the dose, and risk of side effects usually increase. Is that where you are at?

Look for answers to lower blood pressure not rocket science but it requires a strong commitment and desire to get healthier. If you are not sure you will be taking pills daily for the rest of your life. Is that what you think?

The American Heart Association says medicine works only when diet plans and exercise fail. That's the right diet and exercise. Both of these activities can knock down your stress levels quickly and get you started on the path to a healthier life again.

Diet is very important in causing the condition and healing it. Our Western-oriented diet that is rich in sodium and fat is the leading cause of this endemic. Cutting down on sodium does not mean just taking the salt shaker off the table. The processed foods we buy and the fast-food and five star restaurants are mixed with sodium so that your salt shaker becomes unimportant.

Eating properly means eating fresh and getting the nutrients our bodies are designed to run. Fiber, antioxidants, fats and vitamins are important for clearing plaques, restoring elasticity to the blood vessels and restoring our body.

Then there's something called exercise. This does not mean manually switching TV channels instead of remotely. This means 30 minutes a day of moderate aerobic exercise such as walking or cycling. Exercise is the absolute fastest way to reduce stress and the most effective way to burn stress-induced adrenaline.

If you really want to get your health back and make high blood pressure something of your past and not your future, you need to have a plan and then make that plan. Manage your life. There is an "aha moment" that gives you the desire to continue installing. Your family will thank you.


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