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Caring For Cats With Diarrhea - How Do We Treat This One?

All cats get diarrhea from time to time in their lives. Most of the time, they are just a little depressed and he'll clean it up himself. But if not, you'll want to look deeper into the problem and look for the leading cause of diarrhea.

Cat diarrhea can be caused by many things, including:

Intestinal parasites: These include worms, tapeworms, worms and Giardia.

Virus and Bacterial Infections: Kittens are very susceptible to infection because their immune system is still developing. Feline infectious and distal peritonitis are two of the more dangerous viruses that can cause diarrhea.

Inflammatory bowel disease: An inflammation of the intestinal lining, IBD can also lead to weight loss and abdominal pain.

Excessive: It is tempting to harm cats or kittens, but too much can also cause diarrhea. Bigger drugs are too many clues.

Nutrition Changes Cats need a consistent diet. Changing it, such as using different food brands, can disrupt your cat's stomach. If you have to change your diet, do so slowly, mixing old with new ones and then gradually eliminating old foods. This will allow your cat's digestive time to familiarize itself with new foods.

Leukemia: If your cat has diarrhea, it can be a sign of cat leukemia. Of course, this can be a big problem for cats, but keep in mind that the symptoms can be similar to other diseases, so it's only possible if you have diarrhea.

Allergy to Food: Some cats are lactose intolerant while others may be allergic to corn. Soy and wheat can also cause allergic reactions.

Another cause: Other factors can cause diarrhea including fatty diet, antibiotics, toxins and stress.

Thankfully, the treatment is relatively simple in most cases of cat diarrhea.

First, make sure your cat gets plenty of fluids. Cat diarrhea can cause dehydration so make sure your cat has plenty of access to water. Cold chicken soup can also help.

If this is not clear, take your cat for a day. If you change your food brand, try to go back to the old ones when you started eating your cat again. Better yet, return your cat to some soft, first rice and see if it helps your cat recover.

If your cat continues to have diarrhea, you will want to schedule a visit with your veterinarian. He or she will be able to perform a physical examination on your cat and perform some special tests to see if any other problems cause diarrhea. Make sure you provide your veterinarian with a complete medical history of diarrhea so he or she knows how long it has taken, what you did to treat it at home and whether this has been a recurring problem.


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