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D-Lenolate Pills - A Short Review

I'm going to start a topic about a pill called d-Lenolate. Research shows that d-Lenolate reduces the symptoms of excess candida by between 40 and 50% after two months on a daily 6 500mg cap regimen. More studies are needed to confirm the long-term use of d-Lenolate in reducing the symptoms of this condition, but it is believed that those suffering from the benefits of this organism will surely benefit from using this herb. The study was conducted by the medical profession, and they believe this herb is very effective in getting candida under control.

This study performed 50% reduction in symptoms with a normal diet and no supplements. My friend who heard about this then asked: what can be achieved with diet and supplements?

I've been using d-Lenolate for a week now. My first impression was that the stuff was great. I only have 1 day off which I shorten with additional bentonite. My main symptom is fungal sinus infection. Now, with the d-Lenolate I have an incredible drain of smell and taste. I cleaned this and found that it might kill yeast. Before that, my mucus was very sweet. It came out in lumps, and I think it's great.

I'll keep using it, even though I'm on vacation next week and will probably eat it. If there is one weakness, it is for a high price. Just another note, this product is not the same as ordinary olive leaf extract. East Park - the manufacturer - has a patented process used on olive leaf extract. They were the only ones who made it.


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