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How To Bulk Up Fast Without Losing Your Abs

As a lean man, you may be most proud of your natural body fat percentage, and your six pack abs.

However, gaining an extra pound of muscle mass would be great? Imagine how all those girls' heads would turn as you walked along the beach, muscular and super ripped with washboard abs.

The only problem is that bulk circles are not so easy. The biggest danger you will face is packing on extra pounds of fat along with extra muscle, causing you to lose these valuable abs.

Traditionally, you would get caught with a lot of you ... i.e. bully and then cut off later, without a guarantee, you'll get six packs back.

However, thanks to a better understanding of the past few years about how our bodies store fat, there are some techniques that you can use to bulk up quickly without losing your abs.

Shorten your Bulking Cycle

The biggest mistake that makes many men lean and one of the main reasons they lose their abs is that their bulking phase is too long.

If you have ever seen significant muscle gain at the beginning of the bulking phase just to see the tail and plateau, then you have seen the effects of the long bulking phase.

Usually, when muscle gains start to increase due to the increase in fat. Why stay in the bulking phase when you finally get fat?

Shortening your cycle will allow you to go faster without getting fat.

Your Meal Time for Maximum Effect

Eating the right nutrients is important to avoid losing your abs during bullying.

However, just as important is the need to cook food properly. Eating at the wrong time will ruin your hard work and make your fat gain more likely.

The pre- and post-work windows are the most important foods to build muscle and reduce fat gain. High amounts of carbohydrates are better before exercise, while fast absorbed proteins are better after exercise as they are easier to use at this time.

The rest of your diet should be balanced to ensure that your metabolic rate is consistent and prevents spikes and accidents in your blood sugar that contribute to your fatty and sweet cravings.

Utilizing Your Own Anabolic Power

Research shows that your muscle building hormone production increases after 14 days, which means that after this time your body gradually becomes less effective at gaining muscle, resulting in more fat gain, as the calories are reduced to fat stores more than muscle.

This brings us back to the first point about shortening your bulking phase to 2 weeks. You can follow it up with a weekly deduction, and then repeat the process.

Doing this ensures that you maximize your body's natural ability to produce vital muscle building hormones and utilize it in a way most people can only dream of (they often use other waste and nonsense hormone supplements).


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