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Cheap and Effective Breast Enlargement Pills

There are several ways to increase your breast size. The most commonly used methods are 1: breast enlargement pill, 2: surgical implant, and 3: cream and lotion. While each has its own advantages and disadvantages, we will focus today on type 1: breast augmentation pills.

1: Breast Enlargement Pills

Supplements for breast augmentation come in many types. Most supplements that show a significant amount of breast tissue growth all contain estrogen such as chemicals that cause hormone changes in the breast tissue itself. Natural herbs like fennel and fenugreek have both also shown an increase in breast size. Both of these natural herbs have been used by herbs for many years to work on the breast.

Just a quick internet search of 1 breast augmentation pill will bring hundreds of different formulations of breast enhancement pills. One website even suggested that Howard Stern recommend their products because of the effects of breast growth and the reduction of PMS symptoms by their users. Other formulas contain ingredients such as

  • Blessed Thistle - a hormone balance agent
  • Dong Quai - helps the body use hormones more efficiently
  • Extra kelp minerals
  • Licorice Root- Inflammatory inhibitor

These ingredients in breast supplements are combined to supplement all the effects including hormone balancing to increase breast size. An added benefit of using herbal supplements is vitamins and minerals that can be added to 1 breast enlargement pill to enhance the overall effect of the supplement.

When choosing a supplement, keep in mind that these pills are not monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and there are many formulations in the market that are potentially harmful to one's health. Any adverse effects or symptoms observed after starting a new supplement should be reported to your doctor as serious complications may develop.

Larger breasts can be your future if you do your research. Take the time to do your homework and check out all the possibilities that 1 breast augmentation pill should offer an informed user.


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