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1 Rep Fitness Review - Is 1 Rep Fitness a Scam?

Have you heard of Fabrice Rinaldi's 1 Rep Fitness training program, and is it a hoax or does it really work? Losing fat and muscle gain in this program focuses on proper weight training, which is usually more effective than doing cardio to lose fat. So, how's 1 Fitness Work?

How 1 Rep Fitness Program Uses Weight Training for Fat Burning

One thing that this program will help you do first is to build lean muscles in your body. It is the main ingredient that the body needs to melt fat. Research has shown that proper weight training methods are more effective in burning fat than doing cardiovascular exercise. Without muscles, your body would not have the beautiful curves of the models that appear on the cover of a magazine. It cannot be achieved by doing cardio alone.

How Can Weight Loss May Help You Burn Fat?

This is the concept of a training regime used by Fabrice to build muscle and burn fat. The weight he wears is simple to the smallest, and from my experience in his training program, the weight can be lifted and not dangerous to lift.

Using the 1 Rep pattern and short interval, you will find that your body will build lean muscle quickly and your overall strength will increase. Your muscles are tricked into thinking that they are heavier than they actually are, and therefore more lean muscles during your recovery period.

Results after Applying 1 Fitness Program Rep

As soon as my body started to use all the lean muscles, my body fat, especially those around the belly, began to lose weight. You can find out more about this European fitness system at the link below.


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