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Yes, You CAN Stop Carb Cravings!

Is there a way to stop the annoying carb cravings?

You know what I mean.

They start with an innocent and innocent thought just in the back of your mind, which you quickly reject ... and within an hour you are in the closet or fridge while you panic for something, nothing to appease. now terrible boring.

The old crouton box that forgot to sit for a long time without sitting somewhere in the back of the closet even started to taste!

Can you relate? Indeed, if you find yourself feeling this way, you are just the victim of a craving for carbohydrates.

Giving in to the shortcomings can easily sabotage your entire weight problem throughout the day (and in some cases throughout the week) and as a fully loaded pizza is just 20 minutes from being your new reality, it's important to have some strategies available. to avoid this very common problem.

There's no 'secret'. It is true to eliminate carbohydrates, but there are some things you can do to help control those feelings or even better to prevent them from happening together.

First let's find out where the desire for carbohydrates comes from; what caused them in the first place?

Doing a little detective work and knowing what triggers your thinking is half the way you can control or stop your carbohydrate intake. The rest of the course is about making the necessary changes.

There are at least 8 main reasons for carbohydrate cravings that I know of, but I will only discuss what I believe are the most common in this article.

First of all, maybe one of the most common reasons I see is the lack of fuel every 2 -3 hours.

Many people (especially those who struggle to lose belly fat) will find that eating every 2 - 3 hours is productive of their weight loss goals. After all, how can you lose belly fat if you keep eating properly?

There is actually a very simple reason and as I explain, you will better understand why it is important to keep feeding smaller meals throughout the day.

When you leave a large gap between foods, your blood sugar naturally falls. When that happens, you automatically set an internal alarm in your brain that creates a desire for glucose.

Glucose is what your body uses (and needs) to produce more energy. Carbohydrates serve as the best form of glucose and provide a fast source of energy to the body; Therefore, carbohydrates are carbohydrates.

To take this step ...

When you eat carbohydrates, you immediately meet your body's immediate need for energy.

However, because most of these carbohydrates are often high glycemic index foods, they are now triggering a rise in glucose in your blood (making you feel better now), which is followed by a rapid decline in blood glucose which stimulates your hunger again and causes. guess ... more carbohydrate appetite.

It becomes a vicious cycle and loss of stomach fat becomes almost impossible to achieve when you are locked in this unhealthy eating habit. At the same time it can lead to a variety of healthy problems such as obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance to name a few.

How do you avoid getting stuck in this type of eating kit?

Includes high protein, low carb foods with every meal you eat. Protein takes longer to digest and helps to keep you feeling longer. It also helps keep your blood sugar levels stable, especially when mixed with low glycemic carbohydrates.

For example, healthy high-protein snacks such as apples sliced ​​with peanut butter will go a long way in satisfying your appetite and carbohydrate cravings while keeping blood sugar levels more stable than jam-packed bagels.

I just scratched the surface on this topic here.

Once you understand what triggers your thinking, it will be easier to stop carbohydrate cravings and avoid them together.


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