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Tips to Keep a Healthy Vagina - What Women Should Know

Fertility care is especially important for women not only for personal hygiene but also for overall health. Infections, bad odors and other genital problems can be avoided with proper care of the genitals. There are certain steps to consider in order to maintain a healthy vagina. So how to maintain a healthy vagina? Here are some helpful tips:

Practice good vaginal hygiene. The vagina is a sensitive area so it is important to practice good vaginal hygiene to maintain a healthy vagina. Make it a habit to wipe from front to back after bowel movements to prevent dirt on the vagina. Replace women's towels often when you have a monthly period. Always wear clean underwear to keep vagina clean and fresh. Soap without clean water and enough water to clean the vagina regularly because the vagina has the ability to clean itself. Remove or maintain your pubic hair to keep the vagina area clean.

Make sure the pH of the vagina is normal. To maintain a healthy vagina, regular pH should be maintained. The vaginal natural acid environment and the presence of beneficial bacteria should not be disturbed to maintain the natural pH and keep it healthy and fight off infection. Douching and the use of feminine perfumes, coarse soaps or deodorants are common practices that can disrupt or alter the natural pH of the vagina. The vagina has the ability to purify itself so the warm water is enough to wash the area. If you use feminine products to get rid of vaginal odors, it is best to consult your doctor if you smell vaginal odor rather than using harsh feminine products. The use of antibiotics can also interfere with bacterial balance and vaginal pH. Make sure you talk to your doctor or gynecologist about this to reduce the impact of antibiotics on your vaginal health. Imbalance or disturbed pH can cause some vaginal problems such as itching, inflammation and infections such as yeast infections.

Eat healthy food. To keep your vagina healthy, you need to eat healthy foods. Healthy diets can help prevent vaginal infections, UTIs or other reproductive system problems. There are foods known to help prevent infections like yogurt and cranberries. Garlic is known as an antimicrobial product and soy sauce can help keep the vagina hydrated. Drinking enough water to hydrate is also good for your vaginal health. Drinking water can help keep your vagina naturally hydrated and can help you urinate regularly to prevent UTI. Adjust your sugar intake to keep your blood sugar at a normal level as a sugary diet can cause many health problems including yeast infections. Yeast feeds on sugar so high sugar consumption can lead to yeast infection.

Practice sex safety. It is important for your partner to use condoms to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and other genital problems. It's better to be safe than sorry. Converting a condom is also necessary if your partner wants to go from anal to vagina. Using artificial lubricants may be necessary if the vagina is unable to provide adequate lubrication during sex but avoid using petroleum-based or oil-based lubricants as it may cause infection.

Visit your gynecologist regularly. To keep your vagina healthy, you need professional help and advice. It is important for routine examination and gynecological examination such as Pap smear and cervical examination for preventive treatment. Early detection of any vaginal or reproductive problems is important to keep the vagina healthy. It is also important to treat the infection after symptoms occur by visiting your doctor to prevent more serious genital or reproductive problems.

Avoid sweaty clothing and cloths. To maintain a healthy vagina, it is important to keep the vagina dry. Yeast or Candida grows in moist, warm areas like the vagina and this can lead to infection. Wear breathable clothing and use cotton pants as it absorbs moisture and allows air to circulate. Wearing tight pants and panties can also promote sweating as much as possible.

With the right care, you can maintain a healthy vagina. Healthy and happy vagina means a healthier and happier life.


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