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How to Get Washboard Abs - Say Goodbye to Cardio and Endless Situps

Do you struggle to burn belly fat from your body and get abs board? If so, you are not alone and it may not be your fault! The only thing you do wrong is listen to the major media and diet companies. The truth is that every day, people like you and I are fooled into thinking that the only way to lose fat and get six packs of abs is to spend our lives on the treadmill and / or doing hundreds of situps. This cannot be far from the truth!

Whether you want to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs you need to stop listening to 'popular opinion'. and learn strategies that really work in the real world to shed fat and get makeup abs. So say goodbye to ab machines and diet pills, let's talk about reality.

If You Do The Following ... Stop Right Now!

If you want to get a bus abs, the first thing you need to do is stop jogging on the treadmill. When you do a little intense cardio exercise, your body can burn calories, but it also burns muscle tissue. When you burn your muscle tissue like that, you actually lower your metabolism and make it harder to lose fat and keep it off.

Next, stop doing lots of exercises! Abdominals are a relatively small group of muscles that do not need to work more than 3-4 times a week. And even then, you only need to do about 5-10 minutes of training.

Here's What You Need to Focus on

The real key to getting a good set of abdominals is to lose your belly fat. Once you burn enough fat, your abs will start showing. And when you get your body fat low enough, you will find it difficult, neatly looking for abs.

So instead of spending your time in the gym on the treadmill, head over to the weight load and start lifting weights. Focus on full body exercises such as cleaning power, squats, rows, and bench presses. Losing weight like this increases your metabolism and burns a ton of calories. Plus, you build muscle instead of burning it.

Once you have your training, you should turn your attention to your diet. It's so easy to eat all the wrong foods in our world that you have to be really proactive if you want to get anywhere near the abs board. Start with all the simple carbohydrates in your diet. Cut as much as possible. This means white bread, sugar, pastries, pasta. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean you can't eat these things anymore, but you have to stop eating them all the time.

Start eating more natural foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. Eating healthy doesn't have to be a nightmare. Once you cut off a lot of junk, you'll notice that more natural foods will taste better too.


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