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Weight Loss Pills and Suicide - The Facts About a Dangerous New Weight Loss Drug

The world has its own "perfect" view of what your body looks like. The world has a claim on how you should look like:

1. Angular face and symmetry

2. Eat only a fad diet

3. Excellent physical shape

4. Good posture

5. Elevation between 5 & # 39; 8 to 5 & # 39; 11

6. Perfect style

7. Slender body

8. Take diet pills

9. Weight between 90-120lb

Have you been trapped and enticed by the needs of the world? Do you want to be released? Do you want to live a life without the harmful side effects of weight loss pills? Then you came to the right place!

If you are up to date with new weight loss methods, then you may have heard about Acomplia's new weight loss pill. But before you go out and waste your hard-earned money, tell me about the true but shocking fact. Keep reading to learn the facts about a new dangerous weight loss drug called Acomplia.

Acomplia is a new product that assures that the safest, most effective weight loss pill available. Although you may experience weight loss, the side effects of Acomplia weight loss pills are dangerous and sometimes deadly.

Studies show that Acomplia's weight loss pill increases the risk of suicidal thoughts and suicide.

Acomplia (also known as Rimonabant or Zimulti) is a weight loss drug that offers false hope for obese individuals. Acomplia works differently from other weight loss pills as it is the first barrier to CB1 receptors. In short, Acomplia disrupts the nervous system, creates psychiatric episodes, and promotes suicidal thoughts and actions. Here are the side effects of Acomplia:

- Changes in behavior

- Depression

- Dizziness

- Insomnia

- Mood disorder

- Neurological problems

- Psychiatric problems

- Crush

- Suicide behavior

Acomplia is not approved by the FDA, which tells you it's dangerous. The FDA did not approve Acomplia because researchers found that patients taking Acomplia had a 26% higher chance of having suicidal thoughts and acting on them, than other patients on different weight loss pills. Patients in Acomplia have no history of depression or suicidal thoughts.

Compare this list to the list that powers the world to you:

1. Display your unique face structure born with.

2. Eat the delicious and healthy food you want.

3. Have the body you want, not what the world wants.

4. Live the way you want.

5. Stand tall in your eyes.

6. Show your sense of style.

7. Be comfortable with your body.

8. Take a safe and effective supplement.

9. Love your body and your life.


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