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5 Must Do Tips For Skinny Guys to Build Muscle

Do you feel skinny? Do you have less confidence than you want because of this?

These 5 tips will take you well into the body you have always dreamed of, and give you incredible new confidence along with it.

Eat more

The truth of the matter is that for us lean men to start building good muscles, the first thing we need to do is EAT MORE!

Many lean men drastically estimate the amount of calories they need to eat, so I would definitely suggest that you start writing down your daily calories so that you can make sure you eat enough each day.

Eat regularly

It's not good to only eat three big meals a day if you want to gain muscle, you need to eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day to keep your body full of the essential nutrients you need to be able to leave your body lean and say hello to that new, more muscular.

Don't waste money on supplements

Many people believe that if they take supplements along with working out at the gym then they will see huge muscle gains with minimal effort. But the fact is, you better save your money.

Another important thing is the fact that most bodybuilding magazines that have additional pages and ad pages are actually owned by that additional company. Of course they will tell you that supplements are amazing and you must have them. In fact, most of them don't work! (trust me, I've tried it)

Get plenty of rest

This is the simplest tip, but many people see it. As your muscles grow during rest not when you're at work, it's important to get enough rest.

You can work like a crazy guy in a gym, but if you don't rest your muscles then there is no way for them to grow.

Keep At It

At first it can be very easy to give up if you don't see the results right away, but as long as you consistently train and eat properly then you will have the muscular body you always wanted.

If you follow these simple tips, you will say goodbye to your lean body as much as I did.

That being said, there is one thing that can mean the difference between getting the body you want fast or struggling to get muscle for months (like I was when I first started). To find out what I'm talking about and read my full story on how I go from lean to muscular you can visit my website.


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