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Tummy Tuck: The Different Types of Procedures

Most of us know that a veil is a cosmetic procedure intended to tighten the stomach and remove excess skin, but there are different types of surgeries and patients in different situations will need to research and discuss with their doctor which procedure is right for them. Some of the most popular types of abdominoplasty are mini, circumferential, full abdominoplasty, and reverse abdominoplasty.

The mini is intended to target the lower abdomen. It is recommended for those who are at a healthy weight goal and are physically active but for reasons such as birth or age should not remove the "apron" that prevents skin in the stomach. Some muscle tightening is possible during this mini procedure, but if you are looking for major muscle tightening then you may want to consider a more invasive approach. Most choose mini as a way to avoid visible scars.

Circular surgery is a complete version of the full type that creates a slice that extends to the circumference of the client's trunk. This type of surgery is usually reserved for people who are undergoing a significant amount of weight loss, and because of its major weight loss, it has a lot of unmanageable skin that hangs around the body. Mothers who have had multiple pregnancies may also be candidates for circumferential abdominal tucks.

The most invasive type is full abdominoplasty. Because of the double incision that eventually separates the umbilical cord, the patient will receive a new abdominal button due to this type of surgery. While the mini focuses on the lower abdomen, and the circumference around the entire body, it includes the area between the rib cage and the genital area. It removes excess skin, excess fat, tightens muscles, and restores new skin.

For those who may be undergoing breast augmentation but also want to explore the possibility of abdominal tuck, reverse surgery may be the right choice. Cutting for this particular procedure is made throughout the mammary vein which allows the surgeon to perform some type of breast enlargement or lift along with certain types of abdominoplasty.

In addition, there are more types of tucks that are largely distinguished by the type of incision. An honest consultation with a plastic surgeon can help you determine which procedure is most beneficial to you. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the recovery rules and follow the non-stop rules to help you make the best decisions with lasting decisions.


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