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Our Life Is Controlled By What We Eat And What We Think


Most people who are on a diet do so because they want to lose weight, or get rid of irritating skin problems or diseases. But the special diet adopted for these reasons may not be beneficial or may not have lasting benefits. Unbeknownst to you, you may have associated this diet, however, with something you fear. Every time you eat, your brain and digestive system produce chemicals of fear ' acting as suppressor of digestion, assimilation and elimination. You are actually afraid of your diet and your body will treat the food you eat as if it were an antigen (a foreign agent that needs to be destroyed). This can cause food intolerance as well as allergic reactions.

However, you can change the reasons why you want to lose weight or help with physical problems. One of the most important steps in this regard is to enhance the well-being of the Number One motivation to introduce a healthy diet and regimen. What your body really is is happiness. Happiness can be created by any activity, including eating food. Learn to create a meal process as a way to increase happiness in your life and start introducing those foods into your diet that is truly pure and can increase your impulse to grow; Ayurveda called them sattvic food.

Sattva, Rajas and Tamas - The Three Forces of Life

Sattva is one of the three main powers or gunas behind every phenomenon and activity in life. In relation to human life, Sattva motivate us to grow, develop, grow and develop spiritually, mentally and physically, and to pursue a higher purpose. Like everything in the universe, Sattva has the right precision, Tamas , which forces us to remain where we are. Tamas it is the power that hinders progress, causes stagnation and entices us to hold on to past events and outdated beliefs. The third team, called Rajas , serves as a neutral link between Sattva and Tamas . Rajas urge us to act, take initiative, move and change, regardless of direction, outcome or purpose.

All three of these traits are present in everyone and, depending on one's diet, lifestyle, thoughts, emotions and behaviors, are expressed in varying degrees and intensity. Here are some features of each use it .

A S attvic people enjoying progress above all else. She has a passion for being creative and innovative. He has a deep respect for life and nature and is always looking for a healthy and supportive environment. Sattvic People naturally have a healthy attitude and prefer pure and energetic foods.

A Rajasic people enjoyment for action, regardless of whether it's good for him or not. He has an inner desire to move, to move his mind and body, to be impulsive and impatient and to find a channel for his nerve creativity. Rajasic people seem to have endless energy and are extremely extroverted. They prefer to stimulate food and drink.

A Tamasic people don't want to change and prefer everything to stay that way. His inactive mind finds comfort in setting up a routine and a familiar environment. Tamasic people tend to live in the past and try to avoid the present and the future. They rarely develop new ideas or habits in life.

Third gunas , Rajas , Sattva , and Tamas , is a mental quality that corresponds to three physicals doshas, V laugh, Pitta and Kapha . Ayurvedic has a clear understanding of mind / body medicine as it links basic mental impulses to certain conditions, tendencies and disorders. It also categorizes food according to its effect on the mind.

Sattvic healthy food while rajasic and tamasic The food is not good. Charaka , a founder of Ayurvedic Medicine, said thousands of years ago: "The body is food. Healthy food is one of the reasons for the growth of living things and bad food is one of the causes of disease growth." In other words, if we want to move forward in life, to be important and healthy and to live in accordance with the laws of nature, we must practice sattvic diet. Especially those who want to boost their spiritual growth can benefit from a sattvic diet. The following list gives you an idea of ​​the different effects that food can have on the body and mind. The excerpt, which describes three types of diets, is taken from Bhagavad Gita , a 5,000-year-old scripture that details the relationship between the three gunas to someone who is stepping on spiritual path and achieving spiritual enlightenment.

The Sattvic Diet

"Sattvic foods are incompatible, pleasant and mindful, which stabilize the body and give long life, strength and health to the mind and body. The sattvic diet promotes happiness and love for all beings." (Bhagavad Gita)

Sattvic sweet diets in taste, light, non-verbal (containing liquid), and cooling (as opposed to heating such as in chili, alcohol and so on). Sattvic foods include:

  • Breast milk (for babies)
  • Ghee (explaining butter)
  • Butter
  • Wheat
  • Basmati rice
  • Yellow only beans
  • Fresh vegetables are cooked
  • Fruit wrapped
  • sesame seeds
  • Real salt or sea salt
  • Sesame oil
  • Ginger
  • Date
  • Almonds
  • Honey
  • Fresh tears

Any food that has a calming effect and is easy to digest sattvic naturally, provided we eat moderately. Please note: If any of the above foods do not pass Kinesiological muscle examination , they are not fresh, are harvested too early, are too old, contain harmful chemicals from fertilization, are used to keep them for a long time, or are mixed with food or other unpleasant substances. You can also check with a list of foods for certain body types, which will help you find out the types of fruits, vegetables, and more. sattvic for you. Ayurveda considers it sattvic Diet to be the best fit for promoting strength, vitality, strong mind and good mood, youth and longevity. By starting to enter sattvic foods in your diet, bad habits, addictions and ill health will gradually disappear.

The Rajasic Diet

"Diet Rajas is a substance that brings sadness, sadness and disease. It contains mostly spicy, sour and salty flavors, and it is too hot, sharp and dry, and causes burning sensation" (Bhagavad Gita).

The Rajasic The diet is too spicy, it tastes strong (like cheese) and includes foods that have it warming up effects such as chili, garlic, onions, pepper, tomatoes, cheese (aged, salty), cooked eggplant, tray, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, alcohol, tea, coffee, cigarettes, chips and other similar foods. If you are constantly interested in this or similar foods, it indicates that there may be physical or emotional imbalances.

The Tamasic Diet

"Tamas food is food that is stored and spoiled, tasteless and has a bad smell, as well as food left over, and food that does not look attractive" (Bhagavad Gita).

Tamasic heavy, cold, dry, unpleasant, damaged, damaged, frozen, or cooked in a microwave. People who don't mind eating tamasic the food is already controlled by the tedious influence tamas , therefore, they are not sensitive to the values ​​of purity and refinement. Poisoned by tamas and can't appreciate pure foods and drinks like water, tamasic people seem to be able to eat almost anything without problems. People like this may experience life-threatening illness at some point in their lives.


Attention Change

Because every thought represents a powerful messenger molecule in the brain, by changing the way you think, you not only improve your body but also your relationships and your fate. If an airplane pilot decides to change his route by half a degree the plane may arrive at a completely different destination.

Changes in thinking can have the same effect. Remember how good you feel when someone close to you tells you how much he or she loves you. Instead, try to imagine how you would feel if your best friend turned away and told you how much they insulted you. One piece of information can be enough to change your whole life. If you don't like your current lifestyle, you can change courses by making new decisions now. Take a few minutes to be clear about what you want out of life and then make the decision to reach it.

If you face a major problem in life with no solution, you may feel that your whole world is falling apart. But if you look at yourself ten years from now and look back in time, you will realize that life has not stopped after all. By simply moving your attention from what is impossible to what is possible, you are back on track. It's okay. It's that easy. When you are facing a serious problem in life, follow these simple steps designed to take you to a more positive and constructive space than you are now:

  • Think of any things or people that make you feel good. Begin to realize how important this one thing or person is to you and how fortunate you are to have them or them in your life.
  • Think of all the unlucky people as you, such as the homeless, sick and hungry.
  • Imagine how you would feel if you fulfilled your desire.
  • What would you do as a first step toward achieving your goals?

One of the main reasons we bring problems into our lives is because we do not do what makes us happy. We send a negative message saying "I wish I didn't have to work hard", "How in the world am I supposed to get this?" or "Life is a struggle!" Your life, and that includes the current state of your body and mind, is the result of your thoughts and feelings. The mind affects everything far or near, material or immaterial. If you want to check what you were thinking yesterday, then check your body today. If you want to know what your body will be like tomorrow, take a look at the thoughts you have today. Every movement and activity in your body and mind is controlled or matched by the corresponding neurotransmitters. It is not an idea, desire, feeling, love, understanding or misunderstanding that can pass through your mind without making a proper physical partner.

Happiness - The Key to Speech for a Natural Drug Store

Your brain is capable of producing any drug that can be made anywhere in the world, provided it accepts & # 39; go ahead signal from you, the master. The brain does not need sophisticated chemical labor or time to develop the most wonderful remedies for any kind of physical or mental problem. With some of the above mentioned natural ingredients, it makes neuropeptides and related chemicals for every situation you may develop.

For example, if you are in pain, your brain is doing it endorphins and enkephalines , a compound of morphine that is at least 40,000 times stronger than the strongest heroin. If you injure yourself and your brain does not produce these drugs immediately, you will not be able to endure the pain and will become weak or go crazy quickly. Since endorphins also related to the experience of pleasure, you will make more of this medicine when you find joy in what you do. People who suffer from emotional pain soon begin to experience physical pain as well; Their brains are prevented from producing enough amounts of painkillers.

If your body signals 'cancer', your brain synthesizes anti-cancer or immune stimulants that boost your immune system to take care of the problem before you know it. Every day, millions of our body cells mutate and become cancerous but our immune system deals with them instantly and without the aid of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. We do not have to worry about millions of new cancer cells every day unless, of course, our bodies fail to destroy them. Cancer is a physical partner of unbalanced emotions that contains the clear message: "There are antagonistic elements in your life that damage your body." These foreign elements can be inferiority, suppressed emotions, negative views of one's life, unexplained or unfulfilled desires, defensive reactions to partners or unfriendly environments, or unbalanced diets. Usually, there is a combination of factors. Instead of trying to cut this foreign element, you can learn from it and change it for your own good.

We often blame heart attacks, cancer, osteoporosis, AIDS, etc. for causing most deaths in the world as if the disease was a giant capable of accidentally destroying life. Only a few people suffer from serious illnesses why they show up in the first place. Instead of deciding to put all your energy and effort into specific problems, which tend to improve, you can focus your attention on what you think will contribute to your happiness. Make happiness your motivation and goal. Always look for happiness in return for your actions and the rest follow automatically. Wherever there is happiness, there is a solution and wherever there is unhappiness, there is a problem.

Energy Energy Thinking

Energy follows the mind is a very good phrase to keep in mind. Don't waste your energy on illness, on difficult partnerships, on your financial problems or on annoying neighbors. You practically feed these problems with your energy and thus keep or aggravate them. This may give the illusion that they are real. When you analyze all the solutions to problems around the world, they are never found thinking about them. Conflicts, wars, economic struggles, disasters, and the like end when groups or people begin to focus their attention on what is possible and not what is impossible. We always have the choice and the freedom to either argue over who is responsible for our problems or to find the right solution. No need to know what causes the darkness of night when we know that there will be a dawn.

You may remember how weak you were when your life was in crisis and how far away it was and how important it was for a moment. A problem starts to disappear as we pay attention to it. For example, if you have trouble sleeping, instead of worrying because you can't sleep, you can focus on your breathing or thinking about the things or people that bring you happiness. Suddenly you will find that insomnia is not so bad after all, and then you will drift naturally. If this problem persists, use it as an opportunity to take a closer look at your life. If you are not satisfied at night, it shows that you are not happy during the day either. Use insomnia to find out what makes you happy in life and then think about how you can change it.

You can decide that you want a better job that inspires and fulfills you more. Be brave when it comes to meeting your husband but don't admit defeat before trying. The argument that you may be incompetent or good at a better job is an illusion. You will always be good enough for the job you are interested in as you focus on it. If you keep telling yourself that you are not good enough, you have created the right boundaries that will keep you there until you have the courage to say you deserve better.

We allow ourselves to be persuaded to believe that it is another person, society, government or even fate that keeps us from achieving our dreams. But only our limited thoughts make us limited to failure or lack of success. The old adage "where there is a will, there is a way" is a law that applies to everyone under any circumstances. Third It's okay. s , P heart, P ersistence and P perseverance, has been a key feature that has helped turn ordinary people into the most successful and pioneering personalities the world has ever seen. It was Mahatma Gandhi's vision of a better society that encouraged him to endure the difficulties of his life. Stephen Hawking has become one of the best physicists in the world despite his lack of speech and paralysis. Instead of suffering from his own inability or self-pity, he made a significant contribution towards understanding and applying the most basic laws of nature.

The greatest athletes in the world had a huge share of the major difficulties before they succeeded. Most famous artists and musicians have to go through periods of failure and rejection before they are recognized as the best. Many people truly succeed in sharing one common principle: they want to be more creative because they know that being creative is the only source of happiness. We all share the same unlimited potential that creates and sustains the entire universe. What makes the biggest difference between people is that some people have decided to use their potential and apply three R&Ds in their lives, while others don't. You can make that decision too. You can do it now! What is needed is a shift of attention.


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