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Vaser for Men: Is It Effective?

Some men hold liposuction every year so that they can reach the target value by losing a few extra pounds. However, the fact is that the effects of liposuction tend to be different in men than in women. However, men may experience better results with Vaser Lipo treatment.

What The Expert Say On Vaser Lipo For Men

According to the cosmetic surgeon, Paul M. Parker; The accumulation procedure in men is different from that of women. Physically, women gain more fat around their thighs, hips, and stomach; while men accumulate fat in the chest area, control the love, and on the abdomen. Due to the high density of fat in this area, men experience better results when they undergo the Liposuction Vaser treatment, a procedure that sends ultrasound energy waves to the tissues for the breakdown and reduction of fat.

What Men Can Reach With Vaser Lipo

Better results are a subjective term for understanding what Vaser Lipo can do for you. Translating it objectively, the new technique promises to offer six-tailed abs in addition to good looks, slimmer body area, and natural lightness. For men, Vaser is a minimal invasive technique for removing excess fat from around the love holder and their chest area. The biggest benefit is natural products that do not provide conventional liposuction treatments.

For the Body Parts where Lipo Vaser Treatment Is Performed

In men, Vaser Lipo treatment is performed on the neck and face area to remove additional fat deposits from around the jaw, lovebird, back, stomach, and gynecological areas. Gynecological treatment before Vaser is painful, requires several weeks of downtime, and scarring. However, with Vaser Lipo treatment, you can enjoy a permanent and almost painless procedure to treat this condition, as no surrounding tissue is disturbed during the process.

How Treatment Is Taken

Usually, cosmetic surgeons perform it under local anesthetics after which ultrasound energy is sent to the tissues and fine-grained research is included for fat emulsifiers.

What is the Treatment Duration and the Recovery Time?

Above all, it takes less than two hours to get treatment and you can return to work on the second day. However, this depends on the amount of fat extracted and the amount of area consumed.

Whether Side Effects or Complications Are Involved

Fortunately, they are minimal. There is a slight risk of scarring, swelling, and bruising and you will need to wear support clothing for two weeks. Furthermore, there is no risk of losing weight if you focus on the recommended exercises and diet plans.

How Do I Choose an Ideal Vaser Lipo Surgeon?

Always choose a board certified liposuction doctor with good experience in this treatment (review this by online customer reviews). Otherwise, improper conduct of research may invite injury. Second, compare the cost of liposuction and the experience (many years) of various cosmetic surgeons by region. For example, the cost of liposuction at a London liposuction clinic for one area is around £ 2,800. In the case of four regions, the cost of liposuction in London is around £ 4,500. However, you can expect a discount for Vaser Lipo in London.


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