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Testosterone and Being a STUD

Testosterone is the sex hormone in men needed to produce sperm. It is produced mainly in the testes and is very common in young men. As we age, testosterone levels naturally decline. Statistically, at age 50, the decline is faster and leads to menopause (andropause).

Yes, that's the fact, we're becoming more sensitive with age. Tears are faster, and we appreciate the important things in life, like family and love. You may go through the disclaimer phase and purchase an inappropriate car. You may feel the need to act in different ways to feel young again. Inevitably, you must accept this fate or grow old and bitter, depending on the different cousins ​​& # 39; anger such as impatience, irritation, bitterness, anger, and basically not enjoying life.

Whether you are trying to reproduce, or become more masculine, there are many things you can do and avoid to help slow down the & # 39; James Bond's inside. The following is a list of things that can reduce testosterone levels in men. Most can be handled easily with a simple lifestyle choice. Time to take responsibility for your male hormone health!

1. Lack of sleep. A new study in Chicago shows that testosterone levels decline when men do not get enough sleep.

2. High pressure level. Reduce your stress, or incorporate things into your life that help reduce stress such as acupuncture and time.

3. Marriage and children. Once you have a family, you only need enough testosterone to properly provide and protect it. This is just one time that requires you to put other needs in front of you, which is more sensitive.

4. Lack of exercise. May I say more? You know who you are.

5. Plant-based protein nutrition. In many cases, many things, this is a healthier option, but as far as testosterone production is concerned, small animal protein can help, especially when trying to conceive.

6. Depression. Get help when times are tough. Put your ego down and talk to a traditional Chinese trainer, counselor, or doctor.

7. Alcohol. Some vino with a great meal, or some spirit with a worthy celebration is just part of a good life. However, if alcohol is a habit in your life, it's time to check in and make changes, for many reasons.

8. Tobacco. Unless used occasionally for ceremonial purposes, tobacco use should be avoided.

9. Disease. More serious infections such as mumps can negatively affect testosterone levels.

10. Testosterone and other human growth hormone drugs ('steroids'). When you equip your body with these medicines, the body stops producing itself. Shoot yourself in the foot to talk.

11. Age. After 30 starts, if possible, get your baby started in life. After 50, get ready to feel more emotional guys!

12. Obesity. An outbreak that can be avoided or reversed with the right support, a healthy lifestyle choice, a deep commitment to change, and a beacon of aspects of yourself that will sabotage your success.

13. Type 2 diabetes See # 12.

14. Hypertension. Again, look at # 12.

15. Endocrine disrupts chemicals such as phthalates. Found in similar household products and packaged foods. Learn about these and avoid them at all costs.

When one takes a step back and looks at the list of 15 things that can dramatically affect male hormones, is it clear that most just a prescription for a healthy life wouldn't you say?


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