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Running and Sex - Does Running Affect Sexual Performance?

Our sex lives play a critical role in the way we feel and our happiness. That's why people do many things to keep it active and ongoing. Let's face it, we're always trying to find the best for the opposite sex, trying to attract attention and showing how good we are in bed, no matter how good we really are.

If you are concerned about sexual performance, then you should know if walking can help you with that.

How to run helps my sex life

Before I started walking, I was really in a bad mood; I couldn't climb the stairs to the minimum without much hustle and bustle. It greatly affected my sexual life; I was always tired, so my performance and excitement suffered.

But when I started running, things turned out for the best. I started to lose weight and love my new face, as a result, my confidence and attractiveness improved, thus improving my sexual life almost overnight.

Conduct and scientific study

Many studies have been done on the subject and they seem to confirm my conclusion. Walking has been shown to improve sexual performance for men and women; It is believed that as a result of gains in muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular strength, these factors lead to better sexual performance.

One study found that male runners were less likely to have erectile problems than inactive men. Runners have a better, more positive image of their physical abilities; As a result, they find themselves sexually attractive, making them more sexually active. Running can also have anti-depressant effects.

Don't run too much!

On the other hand, too much walking can have a counterproductive effect; it can lead to excessive physical and mental fatigue, and loss of sexual appetite, which can negatively affect your sex life. So be careful when you think you are doing too much.


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