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Sloppy Success

People always ask me how I get a lot of work. Alright, I've given you all the usual answers that I think work. Things like:

"I give priority and do the most important thing."

"There are more things I DON'T do."

"I didn't get much sleep."

"I just use my time wisely."

Finally, after walking around with a pair of mismatched socks and folding a sheet in a large, fat container before tucking it in a linen closet, I realized what the secret of success really was -

It should be SLOPPY!

Most of the time, people sit around waiting for something to be perfect before they take action. They do not sweep the floor until they can sweep every square inch. They don't cook food until they have every ingredient. They don't work until they have an endless hour to do it.

The problem with this is that perfect conditions will never happen. And if they did, they wouldn't be consistent. If you don't want to do sloppy work, sometimes, you might not get the chance to do it at all! If you are going to succeed, especially as a busy mom, you must be comfortable with sloppiness every now and then. Otherwise, you will have to feel comfortable with the failure. I don't know about you, but the obvious success is overcoming failure every time.

Why succeed? Here are some reasons:

* You made the right impression.

Have you ever had someone walk in your house and you immediately started making excuses? "I was in my laundry and the kids raided the house today. I've been sick for a few days." When you embrace sloppy success, you don't have to make excuses. The house looks good. It doesn't look good by any imagination, but it does look the same. Sure, there are piles of clothes waiting to be folded or books scattered all over the table, but that's all part of the process of life. When you feel comfortable in a sloppy situation, you send a good message to the world and make the right impression - "This is my home, I love it, I live and I'm on it!"

* You develop your skills.

When we set our sights perfectly, we let our persistence prevent us from developing new skills and moving out of our way. Perfectionism is a trap. It's like walking somewhere fast. Mother's life is very busy. The more busy we get, the more difficult it is to understand. Soon, if we can't do it perfectly, we won't do it at all. And gradually (as fast as we can), we begin to lose our skills in parenting, homemaking, cooking, organizing, time management, and other areas of life. Sloppy success is growth. Even if we don't do it perfectly, at least we can. And next time, you'll do better.

* You increase your time.

Lots of perfection involves waiting, waiting, and more waiting. And while you're waiting to do it right, you miss out on the amount of time you might have spent doing "good enough". One thing many moms complain about is not having enough time. Well, tell me what I learned all year long - there's always enough time to look at the floor with feet and paper towels, or kick some toys under the couch. His face - you don't have enough time in your life to be perfect. But you have plenty of time to live a full, fun, sluggish life.

* You increase your chances

If the only standard in your life is "perfect," then it will eventually eat you up. I once had a friend who lived near me vacuumed twice a day. Meanwhile, her children always wanted to gather at my house. Perfection consumes it, and it pursues everything in its path - including its children. If you are not comfortable with sloppy success, you will miss many opportunities; and some of these opportunities will never show their faces again. Sloppy success leaves you with plenty of room for a tea party with kids or playing football in the mud.

* You have performance awareness.

And perhaps the most important reason to create a "sloppy success" of your new spell is because of the rush you feel when you reach something. You may not detail the whole van, but you clean the garbage at the gas station as you fill the tank and that feels OK! You may not have cleaned the windows inside and out, but you have wiped them with a towel, and now the sun is shining in the house and it feels good! Success is empowering, even if it's sloppy! Remember, steady success overcomes failure every day of the week!


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