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Teen Diet Plans - Can Teens Use the Medifast Diet to Lose Weight?

Are you a teenager or do you have teens in your household who need to lose weight? If you've used Medifast yourself, or you've seen ads for it on television, you may be wondering, "Can teens use the Medifast diet to lose weight?"

I hope you will be happy to know that teens can use Medifast as well. You'll want to see this program for teens though, because it's not the same as an adult diet plan.

The adult diet program is called plan 5 and 1. According to this plan, you eat five Medifast meals daily as well as supplements they call lean and green. These are the only dishes you eat that are non-Medifast and your meal is limited to fresh protein and vegetables.

Adolescents' plans, however, have more food available to them and they reduce the amount of Medifast products consumed throughout the day. Teen weight loss plans include three Medifast meals daily instead of five.

Because teens have different nutritional needs than adults, because the body is growing and changing, the Medifast diet for teens includes cereals, fruits and dairy products. These are things you won't see on an adult plan, but they are important for teens.

Of course, the youth plan also includes lean proteins, such as lean meat and lean meat (like beans and tofu), and plenty of fresh vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are part of the diet according to the standard guidelines, five servings daily. In addition, there are some differences between plans for boys and girls, with male plans increasing the amount of whole grains and fat.

A big part of youth planning is using Medifast's plan to make lifestyle changes, so there are lots of tips for eating a healthy diet and how to incorporate better food into your teenage days. In addition, exercising and being active outside are also important, so there are suggestions to add more activities every day. One hour a day of exercise or some sports activities is a common recommendation, but for inactive youths, you may want to start just adding 30 minutes of exercise three to four times a week and adding more time each week.


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