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Sea Salt Versus Regular Salt

Salt is a natural additive and can be found on almost every kitchen table. Salt is also something most people crave, so when it comes to it, is sea salt better for you than regular table salt?

To begin to answer this question, the differences between the two types of salt should be identified. Sea salt is clear from the sea. It is harvested from evaporated seawater and has a larger texture, larger than table salt. Sea salt is commonly used in cooking, and baking and cosmetics and beauty needs. Sea salt advocates claim that the taste is finer, with table salt becoming stronger and warmer in taste.

Table salt on the other hand is mined from rock salt and has a very delicate texture to it. Iodine is also added to table salt. It is recommended that adults receive about 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams of salt in their daily diet. This is rare because most Americans get more than the recommended daily intake of minerals in their diet. As most Americans get more than the recommended dose in their diet, they are advised to use the label more closely, as everything from energy drinks to heavy pills to fries has increased sodium.

The main difference between sea salt and table salt is that table salt has iodine added to it. While personal preference is for sea salt, the recommended intake of iodine can be achieved by consuming dairy products and seafood. It is also available in the best diet pills.


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