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9 Quick Breastfeeding Tips

The new mom might be breastfeeding at first. You may not know what to do or how to do it. Hopefully these breastfeeding tips will help you get started.

* Start early - It's good to start breastfeeding

within an hour after birth if possible, when the baby is

just be careful and the instinct to suck is strong. Even you

will not produce milk, your breasts contain

colostrum, a very thin milk containing milk

antibodies to disease.

* Common Feeds - You need to try to breastfeed

Your baby at least every two to three hours. This will

help keep your breasts soft and low or even

avoid engorgement. Look for signs that your baby is

hungry, like a change of face,

suck on the sound or movement of the lips, and fast eyes

movement or anxiety during the daytime nap. If you

look at these signs, you can learn

expect your baby to starve. Sucking on the signal

will help stimulate your breasts to produce more


* Good position - Have the right position

breastfeeding plays an important role in reducing

nipple pain. Use your hands to support the baby

neck. Baby's mouth should be wide open

his lips are wrinkled like "fish's lips", not folded in

The nipple should return as far as its mouth can

maybe. If you need help finding the right one

position, ask a nurse, midwife, or experienced

breastfeeding mother helps.

* Nipple recovery - When you first start

Breastfeeding can be very bad. After that

every feeding session rubs a little

Milk on and around each nipple and allow it to cool

dry air. This will help prevent any possible cracks

leads to infection. In the case where your nipples do

crack, boil them with breast milk, vitamin E oil, or

lanolin to help them recover. It should be noted that some

The baby may have a specific allergic reaction

moisturizing agents. Current correct position

Breastfeeding is very important in preventing tornado pain.

* See Out for Breast Infection - If you experience it

a painful fever or lump and redness in your breast,

you need to get medical attention right away.

* Delay Using Artificial Nuts - If you are

will breastfeed your baby, avoid it

introducing pacifiers or other artificial nodes is too early.

Artificial nests require different sucking actions

from the real thing and it can be easy for the baby

be confused. Try to wait until after the pair

weeks feeding before introducing any kind

fake nipple.

* No Supplements Required - No need

supplementation with milk or sugar

formula. The two cannot be compared by comparing them with

the complexities of breast feeding, and them

can interfere with baby's appetite

breastfeeding and leading to reduced milk supply.

Breastfeeding your baby more often will cause you

to produce more milk.

* Engorgement - When you first start

Breastfeeding, you produce a lot of milk, which is

can make your breasts big, hard, and painful. You can

helps relieve this pain by feeding

so often that your body is adjusted to produce just that

like baby needs. Even if your body is adjusting,

you can help relieve pain by using heat,

wet compress or warm bath. Some companies-

The pain-counter sufferers will help, but consult with you

doctor before taking any medication, as it is possible

Through your milk to the baby.

* Stay healthy - A nursing mother

need to eat a healthy diet to produce

milk is good enough. You should try and get an extra 500

calories a day, drink 6 to 8 glasses of liquid, and

Avoid drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and smoke. You

should also rest well when feeding,

because breast infections are exacerbated by fatigue.


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