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Abs Plastic Secrets Exposed!

People who are too lazy to go to the gym or are not necessarily given the genes that allow for a six or eight pack exit in the simplest way, abs. Even celebrities are rumored to have one but the secret to having plastic abs is in the open.

The first time you realize your stomach is exposed at a beach party, you don't have to run or hide. Find out how after the abs and the plastic you will regain your self confidence.

The easiest way to fake abs requires the things you usually have at home. You need to have sunblock, dark mineral power, sparkling powder, lotion or tan or gold powder, and a large brush for makeup.

After removing your clothing, get your sunblock and apply some pigment using lotion or gold / tan powder. Or you can use anything that can make the tone darker than your own. Make sure you mix the colors well with the sunblock. Apply the mixture on the surface of your abdomen just below your breasts to the bikini line and let the mixture dry. This will make your stomach a bit brown.

Mineral powder that is darker than your skin tone or bronzer will also help. Using a makeup brush, you can have your plastic abs or fake. Point the brush to the area where you want your fake abs. You're not just using any instructions. The application should be a curved line pattern that appears in the middle between the belly button and both sides of the stomach.

Apply a crescent shape on the sides of your stomach and just below the breast to the lower part of your rib cage. Add another subtle crescent shape to one part of the stomach starting from that point with one inch above the belly button all the way down to your stomach. The sparkling power will make your abs look natural and out of reach.

Other than this technique that is widely used in abs using makeup, others use the surgical method to have only six packs or eight packs without the hassle of going to the gym. By doing so, your excess fat and skin will be professionally colored by a doctor. But not everyone is a good candidate for this technique. To qualify, one must have the underlying muscles or a certain amount of fat in the abdomen to achieve this type of exercise.

Abdominal pain is not a new technique. Although used over a decade, it has become popular among men recently.

There are other ways to have plastic or fake abs. Celebrities in magazines include digital artists to trick them for themselves. Photo manipulation doesn't work at all. And whether your plastic abs with makeup can be successful in the long run. It is still advisable to reject your lazy habits and stat work.


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