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Ouch! I Got an Itchy Scratchy Tummy Tuck Rash!

You look great after your stomach tuck, but there is one problem - After all is said and done, an itchy rash has emerged! Now you have a big red rash on a beautiful flat stomach, and you need to figure out how to get rid of it.

This is one of the possible side effects of getting a stomach tuck. Plastic surgeons always tell you that there is a SLIM chance that this will happen ... and that makes you feel worse when it does! Itchy stomach ulcers are quite common, and they are not a big problem at all. You just have to take care of it, and then you'll be set.

What Causes This Darn Red, What Again?

This is the first thing we need to think about. There are a number of different causes for your stomach rash, and the key to healing is to find out what caused it in the first place.

... It Can Be Sutures

You may be allergic to stitches, tape or gauze. If you are allergic to stitches, this is the worst case scenario. This may involve some work on the plastic surgery side, and they may need replanting.

Hopefully this won't happen, but the only way you know is if you see your doctor.

You can also be allergic to tape or gauze. This is a better situation. If this happens, your doctor will change it for another type. If the tape or gauze makes you burn red, be sure to remember what is important for future operations. Always tell your doctor when they ask if you have any allergies.

... It Can Be a Hot Rash

This is the most common stomach rash problem. You will see a small red dot and it will become very itchy. There may also be a burning sensation. It's because it's just too hot.

If this happens, you can handle it yourself. Keep it cool and don't stretch or irritate the area. Wash the area thoroughly but gently with soap and cleanser. When you are riding, place it slowly instead of scrubbing it.

After washing it is a good idea to apply something, such as cortison cream, Benadryl or baby powder. If it doesn't help relieve pain, move on to something else. The rash should start within a day or two, but it may take a few days before it disappears. If it doesn't hurt in a few days, talk to your doctor. It may be due to something else.

Itching and burning will be gone! Hopefully, you can handle it yourself, but always feel free to contact a plastic surgeon if the problem arises. Get rid of the rash and you can finally enjoy a slim new belly and trim!


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