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Liposuction Scars - What You Need to Know

If you think of lipo, you may be worried that you will be left with a scar. Can you go out in summer swimwear after you have liposuction? If you can, do you need to wear one piece to prevent people from seeing the sign of your surgery?

The news is surprisingly true. Even in the earlier form of liposuction, the cannula was a tool of choice - the cannula was a bit like a long, hollow needle used to remove fat. The remaining scars are usually smaller than the key hole surgery scars.

In modern techniques - such as Vaser liposculpture - kannulas are very small, so they leave the same small scars.

In techniques like the Vaser Hi Def, which is commonly used to determine muscle in men and women who are more elastic than your average liposuction candidate, eighteen are very small. The reason they are so small is that they need to be able to breathe a very small area of ​​fat between the muscles in areas such as the stomach, chest and arms to see high definition. In Vaser Hi Def, the entrance to the body is often located in places like the belly button, or below the bikini line, making it easier to hide.

Another good thing about Vaser is that it is less invasive than other liposuction methods. Due to the ultrasound examination attached at the end of the cannula, the fat was broken down before extraction without damaging the surrounding tissue. Therefore, the cannula itself can become smaller. Wounds are also minimized.

Due to advances in liposuction techniques, lipo Vaser patients typically return home on the same day as their Vaser liposuction procedure. This is because lipo Vaser is usually performed under local anesthetic, so there are no side effects after the effects of general anesthesia.

After your procedure, appropriate support clothing is usually used for several weeks to help heal and contour. Many patients can resume normal activity within a few days of Vaser.

Keep in mind that any scars you have from this procedure will fade, Vaser lipase can be an excellent option to make sure that no one knows that you have done any liposuction at all. Although in the early stages of healing, liposuction scars are very small and easily concealed.


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