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Liquid Diet - Oprah's Biggest Regret

Oprah's weight has been inconsistent in recent years as there have been many changes to her weight chart. In the last few months, he has gained a few more pounds and is constantly trying to lose weight. He was assisted by three very important people - Mr. Bob Greene, his personal trainer; Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiovascular surgeon; and Dr. Nicholas Perricone, skin care specialist. After all the weight loss programs she has tried, she is now all new Acai berries combined with colon cleansing. Previously, she had been on a variety of diets with the guidance of personal trainer Bob Greene. In 1988, Oprah tried a liquid diet and lost 67 pounds in 4 months. As such, she fits Calvin Klein denims (size 10).

But then again, he has said many times about regretting his diet to this day and that he would not recommend it to anyone, no matter what his needs or circumstances. According to him, whether he knew he could lose a pound on a solid diet, he would never have taken that option in the first place.

Why is Oprah Regretting Her Liquid Diet?

As he explained, he didn't actually eat real food for 4 months. Hunger is never a good choice, although it does guarantee you lose a lot of pounds. What he does is a liquid protein diet and admits to doing this as his biggest mistake.

Oprah also admitted to eating too much after a 4-month fluid diet and after a few days, she lost a few pounds and couldn't get into denim again. After a month or two, he gained another 17 pounds and so far, his weight has not been working properly.

Effects of Liquid Diet Side Effects

1. There is a tendency to pull pounds out of muscle rather than fat.

2. It triggers aggression.

3. It can cause migraine or severe headache.

4. It causes imbalance in one's health as it destroys the body's nutrients as needed.

5. It weakens the body and drains energy.

Liquid diet has never been the answer to a successful weight loss strategy. It is best to engage in healthier ways such as eating moderately, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water.


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