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Clean Eating As A Fraud - Why The Controversy?

Have you ever seen inflammatory articles and statements that have started the internet?

Let's look at the concept of the Clean Eating Scam in some detail.

First of all, what is "fraud"?

It can be defined as a way of cheating people of money or other value by deceiving them with some type of fraud scheme.

Probably the most famous scam sells the Brooklyn Bridge. Many people who oppose it sell it several times. Not only do hustlers need to be good speakers and great singers, their real trick is to "prove" they have a title.

Who has the title of Clean Eating or Eating?

I can't find anyone - even though the combination of two words plus additional words seems to be registered. Each definition I read is slightly different from the next or last one I read.

And every eating movement has a completely different definition of what is "good" and what is "bad". They can't be right, but they can all be wrong.

-The central message of Buddhism is not "Every man for himself": Fish Called Wanda, 1988 British comedy film.

When everyone creates their own version of something (like Buddhism, above), it can be completely opposite; we know this happened in the old game of Chinese Whispers. If the main definition of an idea or movement is strictly controlled by those who claim to have it, it can be a bit of a cult or a very strong belief.

I wonder why we see the passion and truth in the discussions that can sometimes surround a clean meal.

Have you ever wondered about a clean-eating church where some of the leading clergy are so firm in their views on religious upbringing? They preach against sins that do not follow exactly the way they support but they have no difficulty in making extra elaborate work into their own dietary regime.

Eating clean is a great concept as long as it has the essence, healthy eating

Healthy eating should not only be for the healthy body; it should lead to a healthy mind.

Birthday parties, Christmas dinners, invitations to eat at friends' places ... you'll encounter foods you don't normally eat or you would rather avoid, even if you really love them.

It's not the only good sign for a relationship if one of you is carrying a pre-packaged lunchbox for a romantic dinner.

Is it healthy to isolate ourselves from our families and communities? Do our eating beliefs cause serious anxiety and loss of flexibility in our way of life? For most people, eating odd foods can be avoided here and is not harmful and is certainly good for your spirit and social enjoyment.

It's probably just what you need at the moment.

I am a big believer in eating clean foods as a concept and as a logical guide that keeps us focused and on a healthier lifestyle - not just diet.

Six meals a day to reduce the risk of eating too much when you are hungry; maintaining good hydration (not crazy about unnecessary gallons of water), favoring fresh local products, avoiding processed foods with additives and sugars, maintaining fat intake, observing carbohydrates - this strikes me well. It's better than just focusing on the food we take, it's good to combine it with exercise and fresh air and an open mind and ask questions.

There is a risk with a fanatical approach to clean eating as it can squeeze your mind and body. The season usually leads to complete breakdown of the "diet" aspect and why so many people fall into bad eating habits when they blow up a clean eating bubble. They lose confidence and beat themselves up with negative self talk that doesn't bring them back to clean the meal, it forces them to go "failure".

Forget about the advantages of "failure or star" - it's unhealthy. Rigidity only leads to cracks. Stay flexible and forgiving. There's nothing wrong with eating as long as you stay awake and paying it back as soon as possible.

The body equation is basically simple; calories in reducing calories. Calories in good and bad foods so it doesn't really matter where those calories come from, if you don't burn them or use them somehow, you will get fat. Being fat leads to many healthy problems that we do not want.

Clean and Bad Eating

If you know that certain foods will have serious negative effects on you, you should definitely avoid them. When you know you have celiac disease, phenylketonuria, peanut allergy, hypercholesterolemia, insulin resistance and so on - you know what you can and can't eat.

A strict diet can lead to low iron status or anemia in young women and is bad when they try to conceive. Proteins are also at risk along with calcium levels so you should take precautions and take corrective action if you find that your intake is not maintaining the proper levels your body needs.

Juicing is another area you need to watch. Fruits and vegetables provide us with the valuable fiber that juices produce from our diet. I prefer to unite them as a whole and they still taste great as a smoothie.

Eating clean is something to enjoy. If it doesn't make you feel better, more free, more energetic, happier, enjoy your meal and openly with family, friends and people you meet in your daily life - it's time to give it a go.

The middle path can also be a clean path with a clear mind and a shining physical presence for fun without restrictions and good and fanatical burdens.


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