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Turn Poison Into Nectar: The Secret to Optimal Nourishment

"Don't eat with people you don't like because your awareness will affect how your food is metabolized." This is what Deepak Chopra said in a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey. He spoke of a study in which rabbits were fed a very high diet in cholesterol. Researchers were surprised and surprised to find that one group of rabbits never had high cholesterol levels. They found that the technicians who fed the rabbit would slaughter their pets, hug, and talk to them, and therefore, their bodies metabolized cholesterol in a healthy way. Deepak concludes, "Your state of mind can turn nectar into poison and poison into nectar."

When I hear it, I feel concerned, and at the same time, I feel relieved. Concerned that since my cancer diagnosis 3 years ago I have been very careful with my diet, BUT, slowly, sugar has receded. I realized that sugar broke out in cancer, and sometimes when I was going to bite the sweet, I wondered, "Is this TRUE to die?" Now, after listening to what Deepak says, I realize that whatever I eat, if I eat with fear and anxiety and negative feelings, makes it more toxic to my body. Yikes!

Instead, I was relieved to know that if I changed my relationship with food, if I adjusted it, enjoyed the taste, imagined it made me well, and felt good about it, which helped turn poison into honey. That's not to say that I'll start shedding candy. I'm still planning on making sure the sugar is minimal. But I am very afraid of the 'killer'. candy, that I also fear fruit, especially bananas. Now, I will love bananas (or raw honey, or any of the sweet, natural foods I eat) and thank you for its nutritional value and sweetness.

I can see why saying blessings before eating helps prepare our bodies to metabolize the best foods and optimize their healing benefits. I intend to bring my food gift from now on, focusing on gratitude for food, for good people I eat together, for myself to choose good and good people, to be grateful for food, to look at cells and my organs are growing and sunny, blessed and blessed.

Do you recognize your mood when you eat your food? Remember, "Your mind can turn nectar into poison and poison into nectar." Eat with love, and with the people you love!

Janet Jacobsen

The author of the book Oh No, Not Opportunity 'Growth' others! Inspirational Cancer Journey With Humor, Heart, and Healing


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