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Lipovarin Review: How Well Does It Work?

Lipovarin study

Since the ban on ephedra-based products in April 2003, many free ephedra fat burners have hit the weight loss market with mixed success. Some of these new "ephedra" weight loss products have done a good job of burning fat and supplying energy, while others are not very effective.

Lipovarin ™ is one of the most popular weight loss ephedra supplements on the market today. This product claims to be a powerful therapeutic weight loss compound that can also suppress one's appetite. Accompanying these effects are claims that it can increase one's energy and enhance one's emotional mood.

As I said in the past in reviewing nutritional products, for a product to have real potential it MUST contain nutritious ingredients and they must be included in a sufficiently high amount to prove worth it. More importantly, product demands should always be supported by the inclusion of materials with clinical research behind them. Too often products contain ingredients that have no clinical evidence of their actual effectiveness in responding to physical conditions. I will tell you that Lipovarin ™ may contain the highest quality of ingredients I have ever analyzed in weight loss products.

Take a look at the Lipovarin ™ formula. I will try and analyze each ingredient and see how important it is to provide a safe and effective weight loss:

1) Advantra Z ™ (385mg) is a patented aurantium patent used in clinical research studies that has demonstrated a safe and effective calorie burn. Unlike ephedrine or ma huang products, Advantra Z ™ only stimulates metabolism to stimulate Beta 3 receptors, so it has no unwanted effects on the nervous system, heart rate or blood pressure. In fact, clinical results show that Advantra Z ™ is more thermogenic than ephedrine, without any side effects. I was very impressed with the ingredient in this Lipovarin product.

To read more about structure / function claims on Advantra Z follow this link: (

2) 7-Keto ™ is a naturally occurring product of DHEA that has DHEA activity, but cannot be converted to testosterone or estrogen in the body. Research shows that DHEA 7-Keto can increase the activity of fat burning enzymes and support healthy thyroid function. 7-Keto is able to increase the level of thyroid hormone called the triiodothyronine (T3) level in the body, which is linked to metabolism. Increasing the activity of fat burning enzymes can increase your body's metabolic rate and promote weight loss without stimulating the nervous system or altering your calorie intake.

To read more about 7-Keto ™ clinical outcomes follow this link:

3) Green Tea Extract (150mg) is an ingredient that has a very positive clinical support that supports it as a weight loss compound. I am a big fan of green tea because it is overweight and in other areas of health defense. As it relates to weight loss, it has been shown to effectively increase one's metabolism by 4-6% This "accelerates" one's metabolism can easily lead to a reduction in overall body weight, which is weight loss.

4) Serotain ™ (295 mg) is a proprietary blend of Griffonia simplicifolia extract and other natural ingredients containing 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), which increases endogenous serotonin levels. The most widely studied serotonin, a neurotransmitter, has been in the central nervous system. According to Richard Borne, Ph.D., faculty at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy, serotonin functions and appears to involve appetite control, sleep, memory, temperature regulation, mood and behavior. What I like about the ingredient in this ingredient is that it is a fairly difficult diet without nerve injury. Serotain supports your weight loss program by naturally boosting your mood.

5) Metabromine ™ (350mg) is a derivative of cocoa tree, (cocoa tree produces seeds used for making cocoa, chocolate, and cocoa), and provides suppression of appetite and energy boost without the jitter used by their users in taking ephedra-based products. It is a relatively unique ingredient that works in the same way as Hoodia Gordonii. It definitely has real potential.

5) Caffeine (200mg), which accelerates metabolism, is the most active ingredient in many "diet pills." Caffeine damages fats, releasing fatty acids that burn quickly. Fat conversion to energy is about 30 percent more efficient when caffeine is consumed before exercise.

6) Glucuronolactone (300 mg) detoxifies the body by accelerating the removal of harmful, either endogenic (internal or made by body) and exogenic substances (external toxins such as radiation, or pollutants that penetrate the body). Combines with glucuronolactone, aids in the transport of amino acids during amino acid metabolism.

7) Taurine (200 mg) helps to emulsify nutritional lipids in the intestines, promoting digestion. Taurine also controls heart rate and maintains cell membrane stability. Taurine has protective effects on the human brain and is often used to improve brain function and cognitive abilities.

8) L-Carnitine (15mg) is a nutrient such as B-vitamins that are soluble in water to turn fat into energy. With the help of carnitine, lowering fat levels in the blood and losing weight is easier. New research continues to support the idea that l-carnitine should be a daily, health-supporting nutrient that we all regularly take as vitamin C.

Here's the bottom line for Lipovarin ™ - this is a complete weight loss product that you can find in the market today. I am very impressed with both the weight loss component and the strong energy component to improve the product. In the future I would like to see a bit more clinical data on the effectiveness of the Metabromine ™ (appetite suppressant) ingredients found in the formula. Overall, I highly recommend Lipovarin ™ as a weight loss product!


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