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Is Gymnema Sylvestre Gum an Effective Weight Loss Aid?

The gum sylvestre gum is being promoted as a weight-loss aid that reduces sugar cravings. Although there have been some early studies of sylvestre synergies in reducing blood craving, several clinical trials have focused on herbs as a component in weight and blood sugar control in diabetic patients.

Gymnema sylvestre is one of the herbs used in Ayurvedic Medicine, widely used throughout India, to treat diabetes. However, herbs and plants are just one part of a comprehensive treatment plan that Ayurvedic practitioners will recommend for diabetic patients.

These ancient forms of medicine focus on healing body, mind and spirit, using meditation, relaxation techniques, dietary guidelines, exercise regimen, aroma therapy, massage therapy, herbs, botanicals and natural healing therapies.

Advertising for sylvestre gum gymnastics is a bit confusing, as they refer to the use of herbs in Ayurvedic Medicine, but fail to mention that it is just a used ingredient and only a small part of the complete treatment plan for any condition.

The ads say the sylvestre gum gymnastics will help people lose weight by preventing sugar cravings, over-indulging, binging at night, etc. There is no evidence to support this statement. All studies have been conducted on either laboratory animals or diabetic patients. Studies involving overweight people without diabetes have not been conducted. Consumers should be wary of claims that seem "too good to be true", as they may be.

The advertiser also cites scientific research on reducing sugar craving sylvestre gimnema, but failed to mention its details. To date, all research, except one small study, has been conducted using laboratory animals or by evaluating the components of the herb. And in all of these studies, herbal extracts were used, gymnema sylvestre gum.

Preliminary research seems promising. Scientists have shown that, in laboratory animals, sylvestre gymnastics "inhibit the response to sugars in mice". One component of herbs prevents the absorption of oleic acid, one of the omega-9 fatty acids found in vegetable oils, animal fats, olive oils and other sources of fat. In animal models of foods containing extracts, there is a decrease in weight, total cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels.

Although there are many studies showing that sylvestre and other herbs can lower blood sugar levels, there is no clear evidence to support the reduction in sylvestre sugar cravings. It seems that the ingredient may be limiting the ability to "taste" sugar, but whether or not it will reduce cravings in humans is unknown. In a small study at the University of California, participants whose tongue was treated with sylvestre gymnema reported a decline in sweetness.

If you are looking for weight loss and blood sugar control, a combination of botanical extracts including Banaba, bitter melon, chromium and other "anti-diabetes" herbs may be more effective than gymnema sylvestre gum alone. To learn more about natural anti-diabetes compounds, please visit our Guide to the Type Two Diabetes Guide.


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