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Where Does The Fast Lane Go?

"I am a marketing executive who works for a company, we have an authorized partner with great concern, I have big goals to accomplish each month but due to current market conditions I cannot reach them. And the pressure level is too high for me. to overcome. How can I understand it? "

This person is one of the millions trying to survive in the fast lane and keep their nerves intact. He's young, well-educated, dynamic and ... integrated! The pace of modern life seems to be in a hurry - just a matter of minutes, hours, and days.

Living in a fast lane is weird. The mind is fully charged and the body continues to pump more adrenaline into the bloodstream. People are at a high level, but they are overshadowed by the low ones.

In metro cities, traveling to work for one hour each is normal. Does anyone think of the effects on the nervous and physical systems?

Joyce Walsleben, director of the New York Sleep Disorders Center, said of her research: "We have found that people who are overweight, isolated from their weight or obesity or age or other factors, tend to have high blood pressure and many of them have stress. high blood pressure. "

Walsleben conducted a survey of 21,000 Long Island Railway passengers who traveled more than an hour and fifteen minutes between work and home. "Some of them cannot be awake when they are in need or they cannot sleep when they want to," he said.

Today's teens have adapted to busy schedules like second skin. They compromise - sleep, homework, social life. They learn to earn. Whatever it takes to balance school, sports activities, part-time jobs and family obligations, not complete for college places, to spend money ...

Fast food, fast relationships, quick successes ... people need everything fast. Eating on the road is the most popular way to eat. Seventy percent of people in America prefer to eat at a restaurant that drives. "The dominated and constrained lifestyles of our society have evolved over the past decade to drive demand," said Stephen Spence, who serves as vice president with Southwest Securities in Dallas. "It's an important part of how we eat today."

However, it is not just in America that the fast food craze has been turned off. Fast-food restaurants and orphanages are widespread throughout the world and have never had a shortage of customers.

Life is more interesting but also more tiring. Signs of fast lane fatigue are evidence. It is clear that attractiveness and efficiency have taken a more serious turn. So many people live in the fast lane, with or without the knowledge that the road ends on a cliff.

But does that mean we have to flip the gear and go back to the good old days? Of course not. No rollback in time track. What is wiser and more creative is that we make things better. Create a new device for a break in the fast lane. Let life run at a fast pace as you sit back and relax in the swirl of activity.

It is said that contemporary men have everything but time. That's right. But what about one minute of meditation? Why not do it every minute?

This is the post. There are many quick lane relaxation techniques for you. It's fun, not a serious affair. Life is so short, that you have time for a long and serious meditation? Leave the mess on the surface. Think of an ocean where at no depth there is no wave, no turbulence. It is indeed a question of transition.

If you have a long journey each day, use that time to talk rudely to relieve tension. Or, sit back and see the mind. Let the vehicle move fast, you can slow down. Beware of gaps in thoughts, feelings, breaths, between two gears or two cars ... Look at gaps, and your energy will fall into the lounge.

Life is full of competition. You can compete with yourself.

Who doesn't get the blues? But you can dance them.

Especially in these times of panic and fear, it's important to preserve our sanity. If the future seems bleak, start living in the present. Going deeper and deeper into the blink of an eye and living in the fast lane will change. Then you will start to enjoy it without having to worry about its side effects.

We're really at a crossroads in world history. It is up to us who is our fork - whether in the face of fear, anxiety, and ultimately global suicide; or toward responsibility, awareness and love - the future of gold.


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