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Hypnosis - Simple & Easy Technique To Lose Weight You Can Implement Today

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for weight loss. Hypnosis offers a very simple and easy technique that you can use and practice today to lose weight. Through hypnosis you can program and control your subconscious mind to avoid sweets and snacks and replace them with healthy and nutritious foods.

Here are some simple and easy hypnosis techniques for weight loss:

1. Preparation:

Sit in a quiet and comfortable place and make sure you are not distracted

2. Promoting Self Hypnosis

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold for a few seconds and as you breathe in your mind's mind. Relax. Do it three times. Then count to 10 to deepen your relaxation.

Now imagine that you are in complete control of your body, you feel great and relaxed. You have no desire for sweets and fatty foods. Tell yourself that you are just a healthy eastern meal. You will eat less and exercise more.

Now taste the table in front of you with candy, and snacks. Tell yourself that they are dangerous to you, they are like poison to you. They will increase your weight and you will not eat it. Put them down and let your body, mind and emotions refrain from candy and snacks. Now you have no desire to eat candy or snacks.

Now taste, think and imagine you have a table in front of you with fruits and vegetables that are great for your body. Imagine and taste the fruits and vegetables, you will eat moderately. You realize how much you eat. Let this simple eating habit grow stronger and stronger in you.


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