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Easy Ways to Lose Weight - The BMW Method

Thousands of articles written on how to lose weight? How to get slim? Or the best diet plan to reduce fat and so on, you might think this is one of them. It may be different but just look at the whole process from a different perspective. I'll name this method BMW. It's easy to remember and it's not painful to follow. Brain set, meditation and exercise - it is.

Brian's set your mind on something. Most of the time they are overweight they eat. They don't get that kind of fat. They cannot control themselves from luxury food. Those who think they are not eating well, should first find out what provokes them from a doctor. For the rest of us who are strong eaters they need to set their minds on the fact that they need to lose weight. After all you need to do is act accordingly, eating less and eating selected foods. (I believe we all know which foods are best for us) Throughout the day and throughout the process did not deviate from the plan. Set a goal for yourself that you can achieve, for example in the next 5 days I would like to lose 5LB which is very achievable after 5 days of increasing your goals. That way your success rate will be high and you'll be a better person together.

Next is meditation. Why do you need it? It's easy: to make sure the "mind set" stays in place. Most of the time it happens that a few days after following their tongue diet they tend to return to their previous eating habits, so success rates before reaching their target are dropped. People lose their confidence. Now the question is - is it difficult to do meditation? Not really before going to bed gives you 5 to 10 minutes, closing your eyes thinking about what you have been doing all day, what is right, what you need to do, thinking you are the most beautiful creation in the world and you can achieve anything you want, you eat food not the other way around and so on. That way you can control your soul and mind. They (soul & mind) need to come together to have a share of victory in your life.

Last but not least, is training. Most obese fear the word "exercise" is forgetting the actual work. There is no worry that you don't have to go to the gym or skip or run. Easy-to-start solutions start at home such as stopping using your washing machine or dishwasher or vacuum cleaner, playing with your kids or neighbors, if you read and walk, if you write shaking your feet underneath. I do not recommend strong exercise because afterwards the stomach feels empty and we may eat or drink a lot. The best I like to walk. Set a simple target saying you want to reach 1 mile in 25 minutes instead of reducing time gradually. And do this at certain times of the day or week.

I hope and believe BMW will only go where you want to be safe and happy. Have a great trip and enjoy the journey.


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