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How to Love Your Pap Smear

I waited until I was 23 to get my first pap smear. I have now passed the annual exam for 10 years. Sometimes I get nervous a few days before that. Even after delivering two babies, I'm still amazed that anal, I mean annual, check .... until recently. I finally have what I can refer to as a "nice pap". I told the PA that it was the best pap I have ever had. I think I know why. If you hate this annual exam, follow these simple guidelines and learn to love your dad.

First of all, I asked a female doctor. Go to a practice that has either a female doctor or a female assistant.

To me, having a male doctor stick his hand in a very personal area made the visit even more nerve-racking. It may not help that my OBGYN happened 6 & # 39; 6. One of those hands can hold a toddler.

I've always met PA, a petite woman with small arms. She is a woman and she is small. That's a big plus for me, someone who almost fainted while inserting a tampon.

Second, wear socks. For many years, I was told to rest while lying on the paper with a cracker in a cold doctor's bed in the freezer. It's hard to rest when there's a metal or plastic object in your vagina and it's not foreplay. Try increasing the temperature a few degrees below your comfort level. Just wearing socks helps keep your whole body warm and you can rest a bit.

Third, put on a jacket or take a blanket. I know I made a little bit of sense to walk to GYNO in a sweater and socks in Florida ... in July. Just take the backpack. For the same reason you are wearing socks, wearing a jacket or drying with a blanket will help your muscles relax and there are many muscles "down there."

Fourth, eat chocolate. A little chocolate a few minutes earlier helped release this happy chemical. Studies have shown that chocolate prompts your brain to release serotonin, a chemical that helps you be happier and more relaxed. Happiness is relaxing and it's a great key to having a happy, happy pap.

Fifth, talk to your doctor. Joking about my "unreasonable" fear of a doctor helped me relax. Talking about your weekend plans or the books you read can really come to mind. Usually a quiet person, I tend to talk from my PA. It works well.

Finally, get something to read. There is nothing worse than sitting half-naked in a waiting room on curly paper with nothing to do but staring at a seemingly strange instrument the doctor will put into your vagina while your feet spread into uncomfortable disunity. If you have something to read, time flies by and you can keep yourself around and think about the challenges ahead.

I recommend that all OBGYNs keep chocolates, robes, slippers and various reading materials in their examination rooms. I'm surprised this has not been done. The women will be lining up at the door to get a pap in that office. Until then, follow my steps and get the requirements and you will tell your doctor or PA that you like your pap.


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