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Is There Really Such A Thing As A "Healthy Snack"

There have been recent news reports about schools realizing that soft drinks and snacks have contributed to the epidemic of childhood obesity sweeping our country. I wonder how many millions of dollars they spent on that study.

The report states that some schools have removed machines with chips, cakes and candy bars and replaced them with refrigerated machines so they can bring snacks and refreshments. They said the machine would be loaded with large items like humus sticks and carrots, something that children could eat without losing weight.

Now I understand the desire to make our kids eat healthier. We have been training the whole generation or two of children to sniff out cool and fun. Then we discovered that if we filled our school with this stuff, they could make more money for the school slope fund. We've created a monster and now we're trying to find a way to tame it.

But when our solution to the overweight school population is to give them healthy snacks instead of sugar and fat-loaded snacks, we are sadly mistaken. Children do not eat snacks because they are hungry, they eat snacks because they are tasty and available. Light foods are a source of recreational food with little or no nutritional value and negatively contribute to our children's eating habits.

Those who promote the idea of ​​healthy snacks at school clearly have no children. Can you see your ten-year-old or your teen go to a vending machine and put them $ 2 to get a stick of humus or fresh carrots? I can't imagine I did that. My wife remembers her school having an appliance with apples. No one eats apples.

The only positive result I see for this idea is that our kids may not eat snacks at school ..... wait a minute, that's a good idea. There might be a method to this madness, a silver lining in the dark cloud and something we should all get behind.

Come along and get this movement to put a healthy snack in school. I think a snack mix would look like this.

A1 - a cube of tofu

A2 - Rice cake

A3 - Humus

A4 - Asparagus tips

B1 - Egg white stew

B2 - Cucumber carved

B3 - Freeze dried avocado

B 4 - Broccoli dried

If we play our cards correctly and load these machines with items that no kid in their right mind will eat, we will let our kids kick their snack habits for a short time.

Snacks are a habit of our society that has evolved over the last 50 years, since children stopped taking lunch to school. Snacks, cookies, candy and so on are one of the leading causes of weight loss in the country. And they eat these snacks because they like them, not because they're good for them.

Don't let ourselves think that kids will eat healthy foods because that's what we tell them. After all, they don't listen to anything we say.


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