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The Shocking Truth About Weight Loss Pills

The diet pill market is booming with some reports suggesting that Americans spend $ 6 billion on weight loss pills alone. Before you join them, if you haven't already it's important that you do your research.

Weight loss pills can be divided into two main groups: prescription and non-prescription.

Prescription pills

The prescriptions that are available tend to be reserved for cases of excessive obesity, very severe cases that often make patients almost inactive. In these unconventional conditions they provide weight loss as an alternative to exercise and diet. These pills will vary in side effects and some people find them desperate when their previous weight loss attempts fail, leaving them less motivated and feeling that nothing else will work. Overdosing on this, or any prescription pill is an issue that needs to be considered as well. There are some cases that are expected to get results faster than pills if they increase the dose but doing so can be very dangerous and even deadly.

Pills Without Prescription

Tablets that can be purchased over the counter can be equally dangerous. Many companies have fulfilled our desire to be thin and sell products that mostly do nothing. Some dietary products are labeled as "dietary supplements" and do not have a regulatory body that controls the quality of their products or claims.

One of the counter herbal solutions is Phentermine. These tablets are taken twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. The result can be a decreased appetite which in turn makes you eat less at mealtimes and throughout the day. The downside to this is that when you stop taking your appetite pill you regain normalcy and you may not exercise the strength you need to avoid. Another disadvantage is that, like many medications available, it may not work for you.

The safest alternatives to diet pills are regular cardio exercise and a healthy diet. This will not only help you control your weight but will benefit you in many ways that pills cannot. Strong heart and lungs, increased strength and flexibility, more energy, healthy skin and hair, higher levels of alertness are some of the benefits you can get through exercise and diets that are not available through pill replacement. Always consult your doctor before trying any dietary medication.


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