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How to Have a Positive Attitude and Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Fat people are a symbol of happiness and satisfaction. Look at Hindu idol God Ganesh, now popular in the western world. The potsherd with an elephant stalk as his head with all eyes known and known for his sharp memory, simplicity, benevolence and ingenuity, is widely worshiped by Indians and Hindus worldwide.

Most religious Indians began their day by chanting a spell to please Lord Ganesh as he was regarded as the provider of health, wealth, simple happiness, generous, helpful, happy.

Perseverance is a symbol of pride - both culinary and financial - of joy, of simplicity of nature as opposed to skill and dissatisfaction. Every time you worry about your fat stomach, remember Lord Ganesh. Visit YouTube if you're interested in finding videos about him.

If you have a fat stomach, don't take it to heart or be neurotic about it. Excessive obsession with this problem can lead to depression. It can lead to an increase in appetite. You can start eating more and making it more complex. Positive attitudes always help solve problems more easily. Some people look pretty because of their fat.

Here is a true story of the positive attitude of a fat woman, who looks like a puffed up bag to illustrate her point. "Oh my god, how much do you eat? You're so fat!" deny people who look thin and happy like fools.

The woman remained unaffected by this cruel humiliation and calmly replied, "Look, I'm at least honest enough to reveal what I take. I'm not like you eat much, but never show." Fat people are generally like that — simple, straightforward people who are happy and make others happy not just by their cheerful nature but by their fat body.

Most often, fat stomach is caused by constipation and bloated stomach. Lack of proper digestion especially fatty foods and their transfer lead to constipation. The non-digestible toxic residues produce gas that expands the stomach, making it stiff and troublesome like a hard bladder. Do not take painkillers; they may be dangerous and develop a habit.

A very simple and effective solution is to live an active life and do some physical exercises. Also take fiber foods and plenty of water and green tea. Sweep fibers and clean the toxic waste and water flows out of them. The stomach becomes soft and returns to its normal position. This I believe is the best way to lose belly fat.


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