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An Easy Way to Lower Blood Pressure

It works for monkeys. After adding 15.0 grams (slightly wee over 3 teaspoons) of salt to the chimpanzee diet, blood pressure rises. Removes excess salt from the diet, leading to high blood pressure.

And while non-monkeys have some recent research showing that by simply avoiding foods wrapped in salt and not adding salt to lower blood pressure food. A small study was conducted among a group of individuals with hypertension. Researchers are focusing on the "no salt added" approach. The average age of participants is 49 years old. The results are encouraging.

BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2007.

Over the counter salt has been shown in individuals with high blood pressure. Salt attracts water and as the fluid levels of cells increase the pressure can cause blood pressure to rise. According to Chinese medicine, excess salt damages the kidneys leading to poor bones, low quality blood, and heart and spirit deficiency. Excess salt also releases calcium.

Easy Tips to Reduce Salt Consumption

* Avoid cooking with salt. Although often listed as an ingredient in cereals, vegetable recipes and main dishes, excluding salt will not affect the results of the meal.

* If there is a need to add salt, add it during cooking and do not use extra salt when eating meals. Do not use salt mixture to add extra flavor to the food

* Do not use salt vegetable bouillon cabbage

* Use fresh lemon to add flavor

* Read purchased groceries

* Do not buy salt if possible

* Dietary yeasts add flavor and nutritional supplement to your diet

* Use celery in your dish instead of salt

* Develops a taste for salt-free snacks. No salt potato chips can be washed with a little garlic powder or eaten on a regular basis.

* Scoop of pretzel with sesame seeds sprinkled on top

* Cook as much of your food as possible so you can control its ingredients and quality.


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