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Foundations of Weight Increase

Weight loss can be very stimulating and more often than not we associate it with eating too much. However, there may be other reasons why you may gain weight, even if you exercise and eat healthy.

Cause of weight gain

Here are some reasons for weight loss that you might not be thinking about.

1. Fat deficiency is important

Most people do not understand that they need some fat in their diet. Not all fats are bad and foods like fish and olive oil contain the essential fat our body needs. These fats, known as Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, are mostly fish sermons and can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of arthritis and other joint problems.

It is recommended that at least 33% of our calorie intake be fat, and no more than 10% of our calories should be from saturated fat due to increased health risks such as increasing cholesterol rather than consuming too much "bad" fat. If you don't have enough fat like Omega-3 fatty acids you can end up craving for fatty foods, and that's when you give and lose weight

2. Food allergy

Weight loss can also be associated with allergies to certain foods. Common food allergies have a tendency to become dairy and nuts. obviously some food allergies can be toxic but in many cases food only makes you lose weight and feel less nauseous.

3. Your Emotional Country

Emotions obviously influence the way we feel or respond, and by increasing the way you feel about yourself. whenever you feel low, food can often help.

Convenient foods like chocolate, candy, chips and fried foods can make us feel better but they are not good for us. This can sometimes lead to a downward spiral as you eat because you feel bad, and this may make you feel worse because you know that eating this kind of food will make you fatter.

Ease of eating is one of the reasons why your emotions can contribute to weight gain, depression medication can affect your body and metabolism and cause weight gain.

4. Pressure

Many people say that stress can only contribute to weight loss due to malnutrition and a lack of appetite. However, the opposite is often the case. Stress hormones, such as Cortisol can prevent weight loss, as well as increase weight.

Our bodies can periodically read between stressors of any kind (whether emotional, physical, or even diet-related) as a state of 'hunger'. When this happens, the body routinely converts calories as fat, even when you are dieting.

The above are some of the reasons why you might gain weight. Overall, if you are worried about talking to a doctor can help. They will be able to run a full test and see if there is a reason for your weight gain.

5. Medical condition

In some people, the cause of their weight gain is their medical condition. There may be major medical problems such as diabetes or other serious illnesses. There are many more medical reasons for weight loss than most people know.

While thyroid cases are often considered a cause for unnecessary weight, they can often be a contributing factor to weight gain as they regulate body metabolism. Other medical conditions like menopause and other hormone imbalances can have a serious impact on your weight over time.

It may also be due to medication and may be responsible for weight gain. Contraceptive pills are known for adding weight to your body and if you are just starting to take them, you may not need to change the pill.

Contraceptive pills are not the only drug that increases weight, others like steroids and similar drugs can pioneer weight gain. There are some medical conditions such as IBS and asthma that are often treated with steroids, which can lead to weight gain. Other medications can also cause weight gain, so if you are just starting new medications, you may need to discuss this with your doctor. They will be able to provide you with an examination and determine if the cause is medical.


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