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How Many Calories Are in a Glass of Red Wine?

Ever stop and think about how many calories you drink per day? I didn't take my liquid calorie intake seriously until I got my new meal plan. I used to drink soda like that was the last good thing in the world so I found how many calories in my favorite soda. There are 146 calories in my favorite 12oz soda dish and I eat it every time I drink it. I have at least 12oz twice daily meals totaling 292 calories a day! I drink this soda 5 days a week and add 1460 calories to my waistline! Needless to say, I stopped drinking the soda. I think the smart thing to do is to switch to dietary soda, but it has a higher sodium content and that means less water for my body type.

I'm also a big beer drinker. Yes, I'm one of the few women in the world who actually likes good beer or ale or lager. Then I discovered that my favorite 12oz beer consumed 171 calories per serving. Now even though I don't have the body type to have a "stomach beer" drinking beer increases visceral fat in my stomach. Visceral fat is the fat that is packed between your internal organs. It is also known as organ or intra-abdominal fat. I really liked drinking beer, but I had to give up so I could lose weight.

Knowing that I like relaxing at the end of a difficult day with alcoholic beverages, I try to switch to alcohol. Well, there are more empty calories there too. My wine tastes any white or moscato. Good white wine packaged with an additional 96 calories for 5oz glasses and mascato added 127 calories for every 5oz I drank. Red wine is about 102 calories per 5oz glass. So now what do I do?

Researchers at John Hopkins conducted a study on calories compared to solid calories and they found that reducing the intake of sweetened sugars with sugar or high fructose corn syrup caused participants to lose more weight than replanting solid foods. Researchers believe that weight loss occurs because the fluid does not satisfy solid food and can cause different metabolic reactions in the body. This is because fluids do not block hunger like solid foods and some can cause you to eat more until you are satisfied. Ever eaten a burger, chasing after it with soda that makes you have a hard time giving up fries? I've done it before.

Alright I switch to drinking water at every meal. Water has zero calories and it can actually make you feel faster thus reducing your food intake. Try replacing soda or any sweet drink you like with a glass of water at just one meal and see how much weight you will lose.


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